Made from different materials, menu card displays and sign holders always provide a great POS display for your offers. As the manufacturer, we guarantee the high quality of menu holders provided to you. Advertise your menus, signs and posters in a variety of different ways with our wide range of table stand menu holders and bases. View our full range of menu card holders & order securely online in confidence.

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Menu Card Holders Ideal To Be Placed on Tables and Counters To Display Your Menu

Menu Holders are perfect for the appealing presentation of menus, drinks, ice cream menus and special offers. Made from quality materials such as acrylic glass, aluminum and PVC, our menu holders can help to offer you with an effective advertising framework.
Counter displays with different base materials can be placed on tables and counters. The protective pockets are made of acrylic glass or PVC, which are placed in your chosen menu holder base. Resulting in your prints being well protected. The transparent plastic, together with the various foot materials, ensures an elegant appearance and minimises wear and tear.

Menu Card Stands Of All Kinds

Menu holders are available in different designs and models. Decide which style is ideal for you. Menu card holders are a popular advertising media for hotels, clubs and restaurants. They are perfect for companies and businesses that want to draw attention to a special menu or drinks menu.
A display placed on the table has a sales-promoting effect, especially in the food industry. Customers are confronted with the menu and can result in an increased appetite or a desire to purchase more. Acting as an important sales promotion tool to increase revenue.
Which size is suitable for your restaurant? Which stand is best for the table or counter? And which design perfectly reflects your menu and your advertising? Of course, all of this always depends on the environment and the ambience in your location.
Usually, menu holders are classic T-stands. The cardholders can adapt perfectly to your menus or printouts as are available in various formats from A4 to A6 and various orientations. 
The stands made of acrylic, wood, or aluminum protects your prints from wet surfaces. An acrylic or PVC cover completely shields the contents from outside influences. The printouts can be used repeatedly. Similarly, at VKF Renzel we also offer protection for outdoor menu displays. Separate cardholders for outdoor use or equipping them with a cover cap ensures added protection.
As the manufacturer of the menu display, we offer the option of adapting products exclusively to you. We can make adjustments to existing items or design an individual display. Enquire today.
The various menu displays can be combined with different bases made from wood, aluminum or plastic. Wood bases create a natural presentation, whereby the acrylic base may be more appealing for a simplistic design. The completely transparent stand ensures that only your content catches the eye.
An elegant aluminum base fits easily into any interior. We recommend this base as it gives you the option of adding a logo to your advertising message or menu. You can also use this option to draw attention to services or special offers.
As a manufacturer of many different menu cardholders, the outstanding quality of the products is particularly important to us. Whether for outdoor or indoor use or as a trendy or classic menu box. We have a wide variety of menu holders for your extensive menu choices.

Acrylic Menu Holder Stand
wooden menu holder
aluminium menu holder

Free To Design Your Menu Display

In addition to the T-stands made of acrylic, we offer various chalkboards. Chalk Board Menu Holders allow you to freely write advertisements, beneficial in hospitality when advertising exclusive offers. Daily menus, special offers or events can be advertised with the small slate lacquer boards.
A chalkboard can be used optimally for sustainable advertising with natural raw materials. A base made of wood makes the natural look perfect. Real works of art can be created with colorful chalk markers which we also offer online. The easy wiping of the markers with suitable equipment enables adjustments several times a day.
chalk menu holder display

Make Sure Your Menu Holder Is Visible

Decide on the menu cardholder of your choice and bring your advertising messages or your menu to life. As a table display, counter display or as a menu cardholder, the aim is to make the menu card clearly visible.
Additionally, menu card stands are also suitable as information or advertising displays. Present your content elegantly on the table and counter. All designs ensure that inserts can be inserted quickly and changed easily. Discover the right stand with aluminum, wood or acrylic stand now!
The table stands consist of easy and quick handling with high advertising effectiveness. Contents can be exchanged quickly, while chalkboards can be rewritten in no time. You will benefit from the many advantages of the menu holder stands for information and advertising purposes.
Advertise your products, or services attractively on the table, counter or bar. Guests, visitors and passers-by will be confronted with your message immediately. The appealing frames ensure an attractive and high-quality presentation of your content. As an integral part of your sales promotion, the tools can be used for various purposes.
We offer you and your company, extensive models, for the presentation of your food and drinks. Choose the menu cardholder that best suits your company and that presents your offers in a customer-friendly way. Now advertise appealingly with well-designed displays.
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