Browse our full range of counter stands for menu, sign and poster displays. We offer a number of displays, from single-sided counter displays to multi-sided sign displays.

Should you be looking for bulk quantities, custom items, or simply have a question regarding one of our counter stands, please don't hesitate to get in touch today.

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Make The Most Out Of Your Counter Display Stands

VKF Renzel UK's counter top display stands are a useful way of grabbing peoples attention in a creative way. You may opt for a chalkboard display stand or maybe a wooden display - either way, you have flexability to make it look unique and worthwhile!
Having something stand out on your counter top is important so think of key products you sell, eye catching colours, sale items, new items & other options you believe the customer may find useful. And argubaly just as import as the image/context you use for your counter display, ensure the placement of the display is in a visible spot. You have so many options on where you could make the most conversions on your display blocks such as reception area, waiting rooms, coffee tables, exit or entrances, toilets, shopping aisels, showrooms and many more choices! Easily mobile, you have many options you can trial on frequent basis which makes the counter top displays a useful item to have.
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