Value Roller Banner with Clamp Rail

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  • Effectively showcase marketing materials with a cost-effective roller banner
  • Available in widths ranging from 600mm to 1200mm
  • Clamp rail allows for easy attachment of graphics to the hardware
  • Provided with a carry case
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Value Roller Banner with Clamp Rail

An affordable graphic display that is perfect for use at an exhibition event, in a showroom, retail store and more. The value roller banner is a great display tool that has a large display area for graphics, ensuring your message is seen by customers. We have a selection of widths available, ranging from 600mm to 12000mm, while the height will always be a tall, prominent 2000mm.

This particular roller banner is equipped with a clamp rail which is used to attach the printed banner at the top. Should you need an adhesive rail, we also offer the Value Roller Banner with an Adhesive Rail too. This pull-up banner is also available in the same dimensions as our clamp rail version here.

Pop-up banners are incredibly easy to move around as they are an incredibly lightweight tool, but also the banner is on a spring tension coil in the base. This means banners will roll into the base of the product, greatly reducing its size and making it effortless to move and store. 

This budget roller banner comes equipped with two feet for greater stability. This is a great long-term display solution for indoor advertising and various types of promotion. All our roller banners also come with a handy carry bag, making them easy to move around, as well as protecting them from scratching and marks.
Value Roller Banner Showing a Healthy Habits Poster Graphic


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Product Description

There are many benefits that a business can gain from implementing pull-up banners. Here are just some of the benefits from utilising roller banner equipment:
  • High mobility, increasing the ease to move the product around
  • No tools needed to assemble 
  • The pole is collapsible and can be put into base for simple and easy storage
  • Two feet for increased stability
  • An affordable display solution with a huge display area that will easily catch the eye of your customers and those passing by
Setting up your roller banner couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve taken your unit out of its carry case, swivelled the feet around for additional stability and placed it flatly on the ground, the extend the pole fully and place it securely into the base. Afterwards, simply pull the banner upwards and out of the base and fix the metal clamp rail to the top of the pole.
We have a number of different sizes available of these roller banners. The height of the banner to be displayed will always be 2000mm, making it a tall display unit that will catch the eye of those passing by, however the width of the banner (and the unit itself) will vary. We supply hardware for roller banners that measure a width of 600mm, 800mm, 850mm, 1000mm and 1200mm.
We have a great selection of display equipment for our customers to use in a variety of setting. Some of the options on offer include:
  • X Banners: A great display that maximises on its graphic display space with the smallest amount of hardware. Different versions are available for various purposes, but our X banner is ideal for on-the-go advertising. Additionally, our Indoor X Banner and Outdoor X Banner come supplied with a base that can be filled with water or sand to offer increased stability.
  • A Boards: Perfect for placing on a pavement to boost your company’s outdoor presence; A Board Pavement Signs are a great customer stopper. Advertise your newest products, latest offers, or supply those passing by with relevant business information.
  • Aluminium Click Frames: Fully utilise the empty space on your walls with a range of Silver Snap Frames. Available in various standard A sizes, the content placed inside these practical frames could certainly complement the content you choose to showcase on your roller banner.
Yes, in addition to the hardware, you can also purchase the printed graphics alongside it. For our value roller banners, we offer printed banners in either a greyback roller or vinyl material. Simply select the correct option in the drop-down box and send us your graphic (to once ordered. The graphic must also have a 200mm bleed at the bottom (which feeds into the base of the roller banner).

If you have any additional questions regarding artwork requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also find more information here!

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Please note, we print from both our Worcestershire premises and head offices in Germany so lead times can vary. Please pay note to the lead time specified when placing your order.


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Variants Width Version Item number Item No. Price
600 mm hardware 600 mm
80.1259.48 £ 11.90 view Article »
800 mm hardware 800 mm
80.1259.16 £ 12.97 view Article »
850 mm hardware 850 mm
80.1259.19 £ 13.25 view Article »
1000 mm hardware 1000 mm
80.1259.22 £ 14.98 view Article »
1200 mm hardware 1200 mm
80.1259.25 £ 20.96 view Article »
600 mm hardware + greyback print 600 mm
hardware + greyback print
80.1259.112 £ 27.50 view Article »
600 mm Hardware + Print PVC 600 mm
Hardware + Print PVC
80.1259.113 £ 26.30 view Article »
800 mm hardware + greyback print 800 mm
hardware + greyback print
80.1259.114 £ 33.77 view Article »
800 mm Hardware + Print PVC 800 mm
Hardware + Print PVC
80.1259.115 £ 32.17 view Article »
850 mm hardware + greyback print 850 mm
hardware + greyback print
80.1259.116 £ 35.35 view Article »
850 mm Hardware + Print PVC 850 mm
Hardware + Print PVC
80.1259.117 £ 33.65 view Article »
1000 mm hardware + greyback print 1000 mm
hardware + greyback print
80.1259.118 £ 40.98 view Article »
1000 mm Hardware + Print PVC 1000 mm
Hardware + Print PVC
80.1259.119 £ 38.98 view Article »
1200 mm hardware + greyback print 1200 mm
hardware + greyback print
80.1259.120 £ 52.16 view Article »
1200 mm Hardware + Print PVC 1200 mm
Hardware + Print PVC
80.1259.121 £ 49.76 view Article »
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