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  • Water weighted for increased stability
  • Quick and easy to assemble with no tools
  • If you require a graphic, please contact us
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This Indoor X Banner is designed to be used as a permanent display feature in busy working areas such as showrooms or reception areas. It is a great way to promote and advertise directly to customers thanks to its large 750mm x 1650mm graphic area. Like with all of our display banners, the Indoor X Banner capitalises on its huge graphical display area. Thanks to the “X” frame, the graphic is held in place through tension. This creates a clear, seamless finish - drawing attention directly to the contents of the graphic. It also ensures that there are no creases or imperfections on your banner.

This product is lightweight and easy to re-adjust, making it ideal for use in shopping centres and retail stores. These displays are a great way to catch customers' attention and a brilliant way to stand out from competitors. Additionally, graphics can easily be replaced without needing to use tools or equipment. This makes the Indoor X Banner a sustainable solution, as you can reuse the hardware and replace graphics as needed.

The Indoor X Banner can be relied on thanks to its weighted base. When weighted, users can rest assured that their displays will be secure in place thanks to the bases' increased weight and large surface area. We recommend users fill these bases with either sand or water. This is to ensure the base can be emptied if needed. 


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What's the difference between the X Banner and Indoor X Banner?

The Indoor X Banner stands slightly taller than the normal X Banner. This is as it sits above its weighted base. The Indoor X Banner’s base makes it a sturdier display banner, ideal as a long term display feature. Alternatively, the X Banner is lightweight and easy to transport, making this suited for marketing when travelling. So, put simply, the Indoor X Banner is suited for permanent use within businesses whereas the X Banner is more suited for fluid, on-the-go advertising! 

Where would you use an Indoor X Banner?

Indoor X Banners have versatile applications and are suited to a wide range of industries. Here are just a few of the places you may see them in use:

Doctors/Hospital - When used in these locations, these displays can inform and educate patients on protocol. A great way to spread information in an area where it's so important for health and safety.  
Car Dealership - These are a fantastic way to promote cars, highlighting specific details to potential buyers. The huge graphic area gives space for images and information to highlight the features of the vehicles on offer.  
Shopping Centre - Great for catching the eye of customers in the fiercely competitive environment. Any retail store utilising this display will stand out from the competition with its stylish, sleek design.
Gyms and Leisure centres - These displays can be used in these locations as a way to inform gym-goers of upcoming classes, events and opportunities at the gym. A great way to spread information to clients.
Office reception areas - When used in an office area, Indoor X Banners will be a standout piece, catching the eye of any consumers in an office space. 

The Indoor X Banner is a brilliant additional display tool to anyone's business. Lightweight but sturdy, this display will guarantee your promotions and advertisements are seen by your customers.If you have other questions or queries about our Indoor X Banner, please contact one of our team members. They would be more than happy to assist you. 


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