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  • Water weighted for increased stability
  • Quick and easy to assemble with no tools
  • If you require a graphic, please contact us
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The outdoor X banner is a brilliant display for outdoor use, thanks to its weighted base giving great extra stability. The high capacity water weight will ensure that our X banner can be used reliably outdoors, being able to stand up to all sorts of weather conditions. The base can be filled with water and sand, having a high capacity to keep it steady and secure. When the base is not weighted, this display is lightweight and easy to move whilst assembled. This makes it easy to readjust as needed.

X banner displays have a huge graphical display area and use the tension of their frames to give graphic banners a brilliant, seamless finish. The outdoor X banner has a double sided display, making it great for advertising in high footfall areas. The double sided display increases its ability to stand out and catch a customers' eye dramatically. 

A brilliant feature of X banners is how effortlessly graphics can be replaced. It requires no tools or equipment to do this, meaning the hardware can be used over and over without needing replacement. This makes all X Banners a more sustainable choice than other traditional displays such as roller banners.
Outdoor X Banner


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What other types of outdoor displays do you have? 

The outdoor X banner is ideal for use at outdoor events. However, all sorts of businesses have varying needs and requirements. We have a huge range of other outdoor products that could boost your advertising efforts: 

Flag Display: These displays are designed for either outdoor use or in large outdoor spaces. They have great height and can be seen from afar, making these ideal for use at festivals and busy outdoor events. We offer a multitude of different flag shapes, contact our sales team for more information.

Wind Sign: A double sided wind sign is a great way to attract customers in outdoor spaces. These pavement signs will give any insert great exposure, boosting anyones promotion efforts! Thanks to its high capacity weighted base, this display can be relied on in all sorts of weather conditions.

Gazebo Tent: A large tent display that will protect customers, employees and products from bad weather. Used at outdoor events and festivals, gazebo tents offer users a “base of operations” to conduct business. They are large, sturdy structures that are sure to gain your business a lot of attention.

What makes this X banner best suited for outdoor use?

  • Double Sided - A product with a double sided display always has an increased chance of catching a customer's attention. Double sided displays are best used in complementary environments, such as large indoor spaces like exhibition halls or in high footfall places.  
  • Weighted - The weighted base ensures stability when displaying outdoor spaces. The base is easy to fill up and we would suggest using either sand or water. This is to ensure it can be emptied efficiently and also these types of weight are inexpensive. The base has a high capacity making it heavy and sturdy. 
  • Lightweight - Despite what has just been mentioned on weight and sturdiness, this display (when unweighted) is lightweight and easy to move around as needed. This is thanks to its slim, sleek frame.
  • Easy assembly - Our outdoor X banner is simple to assemble, not requiring any tools or equipment. The hardware when built resembles the shape of an x - hence the name x banners. Upon this frame is where graphics are displayed and can easily be replaced as needed.

How do I change a graphic?

Changing graphics for X Banner displays is incredibly easy, and the outdoor version is no exception. There are no tools needed for assembly making it a flexible advertising choice. As with all X Banner displays, graphics are held in place via tension. Each corner of the 2050 mm x 890 mm graphic will have eyelets that simply need to be hooked onto the x banners frame. The tension created from the graphic and the X frame creates a seamless finish. 


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