Value Roller Banner with Self Adhesive Rail

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  • Effectively showcase marketing materials with a cost-effective roller banner
  • Available in widths ranging from 600mm to 1200mm
  • Adhesive rail allows for easy attachment of graphics to the hardware
  • Provided with a carry case
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Value Roller Banner with Self Adhesive Rail

Our value roller banners are the perfect solution for displaying an array of marketing materials. They’re a cost-effective way to catch the attention of customers and those passing by, thanks to the large surface area for advertising. That being said, the physical footprint of a roller banner is relatively small, and as a result, they’ll take up very minimal space within your premises.

These pull-up banners are available in 5 sizes (600mm, 800mm, 850mm, 1000mm and 1200mm widths), all with heights measuring 2000mm. This particular unit comes with a self-adhesive rail; however, we do also stock our Value Roller Banner with a Clamp Rail too.

Additionally, we also can provide printed banners to utilise alongside your value roller banner. These banners are printed in-house in our Worcestershire factory, on whichever material you opt for – greyback roller or vinyl.

Popular in many industries and locations, roller banners are increasingly more commonly at exhibitions, within retails stores, in the hospitality sector and within office environments. This being said, the roller banner is an extremely flexible and adaptable piece of equipment that can be successfully integrated into almost any setting.
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Product Description

Roller banners are used in a wide variety of different settings and businesses. To give you a greater idea of where you could potentially utilise your value roller banner, here are some of the businesses roller banners are continually popular in, as well as the uses for then within these specific industries:
  • Exhibitions – It’ll be difficult to come across an exhibition stand that isn’t utilising a roller banner these days. They’re a great tool that take up minimal floor space, whilst also effectively getting your message across with the large print space on your banner. Put them to use to entice people into your stall, highlight your bestsellers and any special offers you may have on for the trade show.
  • Retail Stores – Pop-up banners are a great addition to a number of retail stores, regardless of what you’re selling. They can be used to advertise the latest products come to your store, or even an upcoming sale. Either way, they’re the perfect tool to help boost sales.
  • Offices – Particularly in reception areas, a roller banner placed here can be a great advertising tool to help sell exactly what your business does. In many cases, firms like to highlight their achievements, and this is a great way to get those messages across, perhaps whilst your visitors wait for a meeting.
  • Healthcare – The healthcare industry is a frequent user of roller banners. Whilst they could be utilised to sell various products or services, their use commonly revolves around communicating important health information to patients and their visitors.
  • Hotels – It’s not uncommon to see a pull-up banner in a hotel reception area, and for good reason! As this is a high footfall area within the business, roller banners utilised within this location can be used to highlight some of the hotel’s offerings, such as restaurants, pools, or a variety of activities. Additionally, this could be a great marketing tool for local businesses, bringing in extra income for the hotel through this form of advertising.
  • Gyms – Roller banners are also often used within the reception areas or entryways of gyms. This could be to showcase the varying gym membership plans on offers, advertise a range of exercise classes, or simply to provide important business information to members in an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing way.
We currently offer our value roller banners in 5 sizes – these are 600mm, 800mm, 850mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. The height of each of these will be equal to 2000mm. Please note, the size relates to the displayed banner size; the addition of the hardware will add a little more height and be slightly wider.
To set up your roller banner, once you’ve removed the unit from its carry case and twisted the feet (for additional stability), place the hardware flat on the floor. Then take the pole from the unit and extend it to its full length. Once his has been done, place it securely in the base. Then begin to pull the banner from the foot of the roller banner base; if the self-adhesive rail has not already been fixed to the top of your graphic, now is the time to do it - simply peel the strip off the adhesive, line it up to the banner and press them together to securely stick it to the graphic. Once you have fully pulled the banner from the hardware, you now should be able to click it into place at the top of the pole with the use of the self-adhesive rail.
Yes, we also offer the option of having printed banners supplied with your roller banner hardware. Please select the relevant print option in the drop-down box when ordering and email us your graphic(s) (to once purchased.
For more information regarding our artwork requirements, please take a look here. Alternatively, please contact us directly should you have any queries regarding print.

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Please note, we print from both our Worcestershire premises and head offices in Germany so lead times can vary. Please pay note to the lead time specified when placing your order.


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Variants Width Version Item number Item No. Price
600 mm hardware 600 mm
80.1259.85 £ 11.90 view Article »
800 mm hardware 800 mm
80.1259.28 £ 12.97 view Article »
850 mm hardware 850 mm
80.1259.31 £ 13.25 view Article »
1000 mm hardware 1000 mm
80.1259.34 £ 14.98 view Article »
1200 mm hardware 1200 mm
80.1259.37 £ 20.96 view Article »
600 mm Hardware + Print PVC 600 mm
Hardware + Print PVC
80.1259.93 £ 26.30 view Article »
800 mm hardware + greyback print 800 mm
hardware + greyback print
80.1259.94 £ 33.77 view Article »
800 mm Hardware + Print PVC 800 mm
Hardware + Print PVC
80.1259.95 £ 32.17 view Article »
850 mm hardware + greyback print 850 mm
hardware + greyback print
80.1259.96 £ 35.35 view Article »
850 mm Hardware + Print PVC 850 mm
Hardware + Print PVC
80.1259.97 £ 33.65 view Article »
1000 mm hardware + greyback print 1000 mm
hardware + greyback print
80.1259.98 £ 40.98 view Article »
1000 mm Hardware + Print PVC 1000 mm
Hardware + Print PVC
80.1259.99 £ 38.98 view Article »
1200 mm hardware + greyback print 1200 mm
hardware + greyback print
80.1259.100 £ 52.16 view Article »
1200 mm Hardware + Print PVC 1200 mm
Hardware + Print PVC
80.1259.101 £ 49.76 view Article »
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