A picture is worth a thousand words. Below you'll find our range of roller banners which are perfect for use at a wide range of different exhibitions and events. They're simple to install and set up, so you can promote your business easily and effectively. Not just this, but you can get your roll-up banner printed with your company branding for the maximum effect in standing out from the crowd.

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Roll Up, Roll Up – A Vast Selection of Roller Banners


What is a roller banner?

Popular portable marketing tools, roller banners, also known as roll-up or pull-up banners, consist of a retractable pull up graphic spread across a banner, a strip of fabric or another material. The graphic can be spread into and out of a base unit – making it very simple to transport the banner.

The biggest benefit to roll-up banners and displays is that they are easily portable. They can be used repeatedly at multiple events since they can be simply rolled down and are easy to store due to them compacting in size.


What sized roller banners do you have available?

We stock a wide variety of different sized roller banners, so we’re sure to have something that meets your needs.
  • Height – we stock sizes from 1700 to 3000 mm.
  • Width – we stock sizes from 600 to 2000 mm.
A rod will hold your roll-out banner up right and is then easily fixed into the stand via a small insert. The height is adjustable so that you can have your display at various heights, though this depends on the specific stand. The base frame is available in heights of over 200 mm. Various width options are also available, ranging from 600 – 2000 mm. Interested? Use the top of the page to filter for the sizes you require.

Roller banners can be used for long-term permanent displays or as portable on-the-go displays. Because of the orientation of a display banner, you can have the graphics of your choosing on show to new and existing customers. Despite constant assembly and dismantling, our banner stands are durable and built to last.

Our roll-up banner consists of the stand itself, an extendable, plug-in telescopic rod which acts as the spine of the unit, and the most important part – your printed advertising banner. A practical transport bag makes the equipment easy to use. It’s an all-in-one portable display solution.


Roller banner printing

When creating the banner, we give you complete freedom in the design. Just send us your graphic files and we’ll print them for you. Struggling to come up with a jaw-dropping design? In addition to images and text, we would be happy to help bring any of your ideas to life. You can choose from various processes and techniques for printing. The front-lit banners of our products consist of a PVC made of polyester film or polyester fabric. These banners are translucent and work wonders in reflecting your attractive design.

Depending on the area of application or purpose, different criteria available. We offer different quality levels to choose from:



  • Simple stand
  • Banner is firmly glued, no banner changes possible
  • Ideal as a mobile presentation system


  • The height of the presentation can be adjusted using a telescopic pole
  • Graphics change possible without any problems
  • Excellent graphics cartridge with integrated hinged rails


  • Very resistant, increased stability
  • Presentation on both sides
  • Non-slip feet for a firm stand
  • Also suitable for use outside

The Main Benefits of Roller Banners and Pull Up Banners

Roller or roll-up banners are coming into fashion as an effective and affordable advertising tool. Whether used on your shop floor or on-location at exhibitions and events, they are an excellent way to get people interested in your brand and its offerings.



Whilst having various marketing materials such as flyers and brochures at events is helpful, they may not always be enough to capture people's attention. Roller banners, with their imposing size and scope, can provide the dominating presence necessary to create a lasting impression of the business. They offer an overview of the business that can pique people's interest before delving into more in-depth information through other marketing materials.


Big impact, little hassle

Roller banners offer the advantage of creating a ‘wow’ factor without requiring significant time or effort. With customised designs that feature branding, logos, slogans and product promotions, these banners can capture attention and make a lasting impression. They’re ideal because they require no lengthy setup times, significant financial investments, or ongoing maintenance during or between events.



Whether you're organising your first event or one of many, budget considerations are crucial. Pull-up banners can be an ideal solution for creating a high-impact branding package without a significant investment. They’re a cost-effective option, particularly for big exhibitions, that can help you make a lasting impression without breaking the bank.



Roll-up banners are uber easy to transport between your store, exhibitions and events. Owing to their intelligent retractable design, compactness and lightweight nature, you’ll have no trouble moving them around to best feel their benefits.


Simply Roll Out and Present

Roller banners are typically considered essential equipment, especially at trade fair stands, for sales promotion or other special events. This is because of the practical way they roll up, making them easily portable. They are also characterised by their easy handling, quick assembly and disassembly. You can also use a roll-up banner to show off your stand. Once rolled out and presented, each roll-up makes your offers and promotions much more visible and, above all, makes your display area very eye-catching.

When transporting a banner, the printed graphic is protected inside the stand. The roller up banner can be transformed into an attractive, upright promotional space in just a few simple steps. Advertising made simple.

Regular banner changes are recommended; however, the display can be used permanently, promoting the brand and business rather than solely a product promotion. The stowage of the print inside the foot ensures that the print is well protected.

The ease of use and simple storage makes these displays so popular. They are versatile, effortless to transport, affordable and simply look great. A huge variety of industries use roller banners as an advertising format. In addition to appearing at trade fairs and events, they are increasingly found in sales rooms, in hotels or other facilities as advertising media.

Transport of the roll up in the carrier bag
Structure of the base frame
Pulling out the roll banner
Attached and done!

Flame Retardant

Indoor and outdoor items

Multi-sided and over a large area

Exclusively customisable

Flame retardant banners

Looking for pull-up banners with fire protection certification B1? Regardless of which print option you select, it will be flame retardant. Our indoor banner displays whether it’s; economy, premium or professional can be equipped with these flame retardant prints. This keeps your workspace just that little bit safer.

Indoor and outdoor roller banners

The use of the pull-up banners is not limited to indoor areas. Outdoor roller banners are also available. The stainless material ensures resistance to changing weather conditions. Placed in amusement parks, on company premises or in front of cultural institutions, the outdoor system ensures effective outdoor advertising. However, please note that these should not be a permanent display feature and should be packed away during inclement weather.


Multi-sided banners

X-sided banners attract the attention of customers from different angles, as they can sit at a slightly upright angle or be double-sided for wider coverage. The front and back can be printed identically if required. Multi-page, but also large-scale advertising attracts additional attention and can make a ‘big’ statement. Our mega or XL displays have the properties of a classic roll banner, with a much larger area. Entire back walls or shop windows can be transformed with these banners. With appropriate printing, the banner can also be used at a trade fair or as a press wall.


Exclusively customisable

Browse through our range and find premium roller banners that covers all your needs. You can order the corresponding roll ups in the online shop. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or want to discuss something custom, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be more than happy to help.
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