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  • Comes complete with carry bag
  • Quick and easy to assemble with no tools
  • If you require a graphic, please contact us
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The X Banner is a brilliant, minimalistic display banner that utilises the “X” shape to create a smooth, attractive display. This is done through tension created from each point of the frame. The tension created by each corner ensures graphics have no creases and has a seamless finish. Due to the “X” frame being hidden behind the graphic, X banners truly capitalise on their graphical display space. Any advertisement, promotion or information is going to stand out directly to consumers.

These displays are much more eco-friendly than other types of exhibition equipment. This is as the graphic can be replaced whenever needed, with the hardware being used over and over. This allows for flexible advertising and reduces the levels of waste a business produces. 

The X Banner is incredibly easy to set up, requiring no tools or equipment. Simply slot together to build up an X Banner display. Thanks to the shape of this display, it has a solid structure, not requiring any weights to keep it in place
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Where would you use an X Banner? 

These types of banners are typically used at tradeshows and exhibition events. This is because they have a huge graphical display space ensuring any marketing materials will catch the eye of any passerby. Additionally, thanks to their easy assembly and lightweight build, these displays are easy to move around and transport. This makes them great for on the go use at various events. If you need a different type of display, look no further! We have two variations of our X banner - Indoor X banner & Outdoor X banner. They both have various applications to suit all sorts of businesses.

Is the X Banner sustainable? 

YES! With a replaceable graphic, the hardware of the X Banner can be used repeatedly. Graphics can be stored away and used again if needed, such as for seasonal advertising. Thus, if done correctly, there can be no waste with this product, limiting a businesses negative impact on the environment.

Any other types of advertising that offer the same flexibility? 

We have a great selection of products that offer users great levels of flexibility:
  • Snap Frame: Our snap frames offer the ability to change inserts on a regular basis. We have a huge portfolio of sizes and colours to suit the specific needs of our consumers 
  • Wooden chalkboard A Frames: These rustic frames are a great way to inform and educate consumers in cafe, restaurant style environments. Simply using chalk, messages can be written as frequently needed as a highly flexible advertising display. 
  • Adhesive Showcard C-Pockets: These affordable displays allow users to advertise in a flexible way. This is as they can effortlessly have their inserts changed. These pockets can be used on walls or windows as required.

These are just some of the examples we have on offer here at VKF UK. If you want to find more be sure to check out our best sellers page. This is packed full of competitively priced products. If you have any further questions, please contact our team for more information.

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