A Boards for Outdoor Advertising
Looking to attract more customers and boost the success of your business? Look no further than our fantastic range of A boards for advertising! Whether you're a restaurant owner, retailer, or event organiser, our sturdy and stylish A-stands are the perfect way to catch the eye of passers-by and entice them into your establishment.

Our A frame signs are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making them the perfect solution for all your advertising needs. Use the A board pavement signs to display your daily menu, highlight special offers or share important information with existing and potential customers. And with a range of DIN formats available, you'll be able to find the perfect size and style to suit your needs.

Best of all, our A frame pavement signs are priced to fit any budget. So don't wait – start promoting your business today and watch your sales soar!

Have any questions about our A-boards or accessories? Our friendly sales team is here to help. Contact us at sales@vkf-renzel.co.uk or on 01527 878311 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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What is an A-board?

There’s no doubt you will have seen a boards outside your favourite bars, restaurants and cafes – sporting extravagant designs and special offers to entice you inside. Sometimes referred to as sandwich boards, they’re a portable sign most commonly used by businesses to advertise their products and services. Designed to be placed outside a number of businesses, they work to attract the attention of those passing by, by promoting special offers, deals or events. Another popular use is to simply direct customers to their location.

Why is an A-board called an A-board?

It’s simple really, it’s their shape. a boards resemble the letter A when looked at from a side-on view. Made up of two flat panels that are hinged together at the top, the signs form an ‘A’ shape when open. Both panels are typically equal in size and are angled outward at the base to provide stability. The "A" shape is designed to make the board more visible from a distance and to make it stand out from other advertising signs. It also allows the board to be easily folded and transported when not in use.

What sized A-boards do we have available?

Our boards come in a range of sizes, from DIN A0-A2, as well as a variety of special formats to suit your needs. These include the insert size, total height, profile width and orientation. And with the ability to use both sides of the display, you'll have maximum space to advertise your offerings and tempt potential customers.

If your requirements are more specific, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll strive to find a solution that works for both parties.

Is it legal to place an A-board anywhere?

The legality of placing an a board or sandwich board sign depends on the specific regulations of the local authority or municipality in which it will be placed. In many places, there are rules governing where and how these signs can be used. We always recommend checking with your local authority to determine the legality of placement, otherwise, you may face fines and other penalties.

Why choose A-boards for your business?

We believe the answer is simple:
  • It is easy to remove and replace a poster displayed on a VKF Renzel board with the snap frame technique utilised.
  • We have a range of waterproof boards – the perfect solution to display offers outside your business.
  • They're all made from high-quality materials.

Flexible Use of A-Boards

The different types of boards we have on offer provide you with many great opportunities for outdoor advertising. Some models can also be personalised; the variants with windscreens or top plates offer additional possibilities to grab the attention of passers-by. Thanks to their robust nature, the stands defy wind and weather and due to their easy handling, they can be set up or stowed away quickly. Both long-term use and short-term use are viable.

A-Boards can be used as signposts, advertising media or information signs for various purposes. Not only these, but also for menus, welcome greetings and various information notices which can be placed inside the stand. The simple exchange and renewal of content allow for quick adjustments whenever necessary.

Attach brochure baskets onto your sign allowing for your flyers to be retrieved at hand height on the hinge of the display, increasing overall exposure. Customers are guaranteed to be reminded of your company at home when they find the flyer they grabbed. It’s an easy way to keep your business in the mind of potential customers. The versions with headboards and waterproof elements offer additional, optical possibilities to attract the attention of passers-by. Additional accessories, such as protective films protect your display from external influences. The inserts can therefore be removed undamaged and stowed away for future use.

Effective Advertising in All Weathers

Looking for a reliable and durable outdoor advertising solution? Look no further than VKF Renzel's range of street POS displays!

Waterproof A-Boards

Our boards for advertising are designed to withstand even the toughest weather conditions. With almost all our models being waterproof, you can be sure that rain or wind won't affect your display. In fact, our fillable base models are specifically designed to withstand strong winds, ensuring that your advertising message stays put, no matter the weather.

As they will be utilised outdoors, the A-boards are also incredibly stable, allowing you to set them up safely on a variety of surfaces. Place them in the field of view of passers-by and watch as your message catches their attention. And when it's time to close shop, simply fold up the display and stow it away to save space.

We offer a range of different models, including those fitted with a separate foot for extra stability, as well as foldable models that can be stored flat. Featuring lightweight, high-quality aluminium frames, our boards can be easily transported, even in the event of a sudden storm.

Reliable A-Boards

Our boards are easy to use and maintain, with a simple folding frame technique that allows you to easily replace your posters or inscribed boards. A cover sheet will protect your display, ensuring your message will stay clear and vibrant, even in outdoor environments.

But what really sets our A-boards apart is the design options they provide. Use chalk markers to create stunning works of art, labels or images that can be quickly wiped off and replaced. Since A1 is one of the most common outdoor display sizes, your message is sure to be seen and appreciated by passers-by.

So why wait? Invest in VKF Renzel A-boards for your advertising today, and start attracting more customers to your business, rain or shine!

The Best Applications of A-Boards

Targeted Attention

The secret to the effectiveness of these boards is their ability to capture the targeted attention of pedestrians. Whilst shop windows can sometimes be overlooked, an A-board placed strategically in the path of foot traffic presents an obstacle that requires an additional level of attention from those passing by. This makes a sign an ideal solution for shops in pedestrian zones or on busy streets.

But what if your store is not directly visible? The versatility of our pavement signs means that they can also be used as information signs or signposts. By placing a sign in the nearest, most suitable location, you can attract potential customers and make them aware of your shop's location, even if it's out of sight. And with our weather-resistant wind signs, you can rest assured that your signpost will remain in place and effective for as long as you need it. So why wait? Get yours today.

Cutting-Edge Sales Promotion

The future is here with our digital A-boards for advertising! These cutting-edge sales promotion tools allow you to advertise, inform and draw attention with the latest in POS technology. Boasting easy loading of digital content in a variety of formats, you can quickly and easily display your brand message, special offers and important information to anyone walking by.

But that's not all – digital signs offer several benefits that traditional signage simply can't match. Utilising high-quality screens that display full videos and slideshows, as well as the ability to display on both sides, your advertising content is sure to catch the eye of passers-by and maximise exposure.

Plus, our digital A-boards are designed for convenience and mobility. Integrated wheels make them easy to move, whilst their user-friendly design means you can quickly and easily update your content whenever you need to. So why settle for outdated advertising methods when you can take advantage of the latest in cutting-edge sales promotion tools?

Addressing Potential Customers in the Catering, Retail and Industrial Sectors

Use A-boards to increase your sales promotions across a variety of different industries. No matter the industry, the benefits are the same. Decide now whether you'd rather opt for the classic A-stand as a customer stopper, a natural pavement board or a weatherproof wind sign.

A multitude of displays made from a range of high-quality materials are waiting to be discovered by you. Turn passers-by into potential customers with our premium A-boards. Stand out from the crowd by showing off your new menus, happy hour offers or exclusive entertainment to both new and existing customers.

With affordable prices on premium quality goods, now's the time to advertise your business for the world to see, in the right way. Still have questions about our products? Then please contact us, our sales team will be more than happy to help you. 

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