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Showroom displays are available in a slightly curved shape with a discreet aluminum standpipe or as a more solid version with a stable base. Above all, all models have one thing in common: They serve in an elegant and informative way. Here at VKF Renzel UK, you will find a wide selection of exhibition displays.

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Modern exhibition displays that attract attention

They are our constant companions in exhibition rooms, showrooms, at trade fairs and all sorts of events. Exhibition displays quickly attract attention and draw potential customers to the company's offer or to certain promotional items in an elegant way: whether with a curved body made of brushed Aluminum, whether as a desk stand with a robust aluminum standpipe or as a light aluminum frame with a discreet snap frame. The different models of the exhibition displays, price and information displays as well as various showroom displays bring your offer to the fore in the most varied of variants.

They are easy and quick to assemble, can be stowed safely and well and cut a good figure in any showroom. For example, if you opt for the “Curved” info display, then choose a model with an aluminum snap frame that has an anti-reflective, UV-stabilized cover film. So every visitor quickly gets an overview of the complete range. Practical extra: Thanks to a rotating mechanism, the display can be used in both portrait and landscape format.

TheZ-shaped showroom display, on the other hand, catches the eye with its elegant, curved Z-shaped floor stand and the fact that it is completely made of acrylic glass makes this showroom display an extravagant eye-catcher.

The range of price and information displays is so diverse

Take advantage of the wide range of offers in our online shop and use the exhibition display with which you can achieve the best effect. There are many different models, variants and designs available for this. We would be happy to advise you personally for further details.
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