An easel stand is an attractive way of displaying your posters or signs for your business. They're particularly useful outside of restaurants and cafes to help entice more customers by displaying your current menu or special offers.

Easels are available in the classic wood style, or alternatively made from steel, plastic, glass and more. All of our easels are a great promotional tool, as they help to bring out your specific offerings in the most attention-grabbing way.
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Easels for multiple uses

We offer you different easels for every need. Discover our range of easels and choose your favourite – you have a choice between many different models and designs. We offer a very classic model made of beech wood, on which chalkboards can be practically positioned. Or you can opt for the "Exhibit" Easel, which stands out in powder-coated steel with a purist, modern design. The Easel "Easel" is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is a very suitable choice for your restaurant, cafe or beer garden area. Find out more here and find the right easel for the desired application area.

No one can get past these easels!

While easels were originally primarily used by artists and painters to position canvases and paintings, today they perform a wide variety of functions. Many companies use easels made of wood or even aluminium or steel at trade fairs and events in order to attract visitors to their stand. But also many restaurants, cafes and restaurants have learned to appreciate the advantages of easels. Quickly set up and dismantled, they attract the attention of the visitors with their special shape and size. They can be individually and relabelled over and over again – this makes easels a versatile and popular advertising media. Our online shop certainly also provides the right easel for your needs. Find out more about all shapes, materials and sizes now.

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