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Information stands are eye-catching units that offer your customers a wide range of information at a glance. A modern and clear way of providing information, it is hard to imagine exhibitions and events without them. Our information stands are also often found in car showrooms and estate agents to display numerous posters on cars or houses that are available to buy at the time, however their possibilities are truly endless.

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Versatile Information Display Stands For Every Business Area

For your estate agents, use an information stand to offer interested visitors an impressive overview of the current house offerings. Our information stands are equipped with various display pockets and poster frames, creating generous advertising space for a two-sided presentation of information materials. Ideal for estate agents’ listings as they can be read in a well-organized and compact manner. The ability to reattach new listings is easy and uncomplicated to attach. 

VKF Renzel UK offers a variety of options for your information stands. Equip stands with 20, 12, or 8 information pockets, choose from different strengths of frame materials to meet the requirements of how you want to present your information. Are you looking for a versatile information display that gives your customers a well-organized overview of certain products and promotions? At the same time, do you want the information stand to be integrated into exhibition rooms or into the shop windows? Then you will definitely find the right stand here: We have many different exhibitions stands in different sizes, arrangements, shapes and designs. The 20 Section Information Stand “Broker II” is not only a popular property display for estate agents: with 20 side-by-side acrylic glass pockets, the display offers the viewer a particularly compact and easy-to-read product overview through shop windows. The information display "Construct-Vision" also impresses with its orderly and clearly divided advertising space. The light aluminium base frame combined with a practical cable system for fastening the 8 acrylic glass pockets offers the ideal overview for the viewer. Perfect for display use in environments such as car showrooms to display all the specifications and finance options that you offer to your customers.


Display With Outstanding Functionality

Of course, the choice of suitable information stand depends on the area of ​​application. The dimensions of the information stand as well as the complete size and condition are based on this. In addition to estate agents and car showrooms who use this advertising material to present their products, many companies also rely on information stands in entrances and reception areas, in conference rooms, in training, exhibition and conference areas. The good functionality, the practical design and light materials make the information stands a popular advertising media. Discreet, versatile and elegant, modern displays quickly harmonize with any room concept.
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