Poster stands and advertising stands are a flexible, easy-to-use option that can quickly attract added attention to your services, products or business. We offer a wide choice of advertising displays and poster stands in many shapes and sizes, so we're certain to have the perfect solution for you.

Whether you're in need of a tall freestanding poster display or an eye-catching double-sided A board, we have it all. The poster stands on offer are available for posters in sizes measuring A0 to A4, however alternative sizes may be available for certain units.

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A Poster Stand for a Strong Presentation

Poster advertising is a very popular and effective option in sales promotion in times of digitalization. The striking print media attracts attention and can be replaced in no time. The presentation is expressive and adaptable. It is usually difficult to find the right framework for advertising media.

Is an outdoor or indoor advertising poster display required? Should it also be weatherproof to promote in any weather? In our large range of Poster Display stands we offer outdoor poster stands that are weatherproof due to their profile technology.
Where is the stand positioned? Depending on the location, two-sided or three-sided models are better suited to appeal to passers-by than one-sided models. However, a one-sided article would be suitable at an entrance or on a wall. 
Should accessories be included? When advertising with posters, practical brochure pockets or flyer holders can be extremely effective. The passers-by are not only addressed visually, but they can also take something home with them. Other accessories such as castors or a top sign also differentiate the stands.
What size poster do you want to advertise? We offer various sizes. DIN A4, DIN A3, DIN A2, DIN A1 and many other DIN formats are standard sizes in our range. The inserts in the various formats can be perfectly placed in the snap frames- with the simple snap frame technology it is possible in a matter of seconds to change poster inserts.

Change Posters Quickly and Easily

Do you have an unsuitable environment for hanging posters up? The poster stands are perfect for drawing attention to campaigns, offers or information again and again. The notices can be quickly printed out and presented directly in the appropriate floor stand without the hassle of having to remove fixtures off walls.
It only takes a little effort. First, the individual frame parts of the stand are unfolded. Then remove the old poster and the new poster can be inserted. In most cases (especially useful outdoors), a protective film can be placed on the new poster. Finally, the parts of the frame just have to be closed again and the poster change is done.
After the poster change, the old posters can usually be stowed away again. Thanks to the protection in the frame and the use of a protective film, the posters and notices remain in good quality. Nothing stands in the way of reuse.

Some models allow the poster to be changed via a slot on the side. In this case, the old medium is simply taken out of the frame and the new one pushed in. All in all, a few different change options are used in our range. However, these options can be implemented extremely quickly and are easy to use.

Flexible Poster Stands in All Variations

For the different advertising messages and locations, there are various models of floor stands in which the advertising media are optimally presented. While table stands can be placed on counters and tables, the stands for the floor are freely positioned in the salesroom, in front of the entrance or in public facilities.

Although the stands are placed on the floor, they are in the customer's field of vision. Most poster stands display the respective poster at the optimal height and therefore catch the eyes of passers-by. In this way, important information or advertising notices are conveyed effectively. Placing the poster stands can have a direct impact on your sales promotion. This requires an optimal placement of the stand and the full exploitation of the potential in poster advertising. The different models of the advertising display help here.

If the poster stand should be discreetly integrated into your office or retail space, for example, then the double-sided removable display stands with a light aluminium frame and UV-stabilised cover sheets would be a suitable option for you. With that said, if you're on the search for a poster stand that will offer a 360-degree presentation of your inserts, we also have various product solutions for you that'll be a suitable match. Our versatile triangular stands of complete, modern information columns would be a great option for you to delve further into
Info Column Stand

A Poster Stand for an Eye-Catching Presentation

Multi-sided displays are suitable for presenting your products all around the show. They address passers-by from different directions and thus attract more attention. We have various product solutions for this area of ​​application, such as our versatile triangular stands or complete, modern information pillars.

The Weatherproof A Boards and WindSigns are suitable for outdoors. On warm summer days, people in the pedestrian zones and highstreets can be made aware of your shop, restaurant and offers. And even if it rains, the outdoor displays can be left outside. At night or during severe storms, the customer stoppers can be easily folded up and stowed indoors.

Are you interested in a stable and flexible poster stand that can be easily expanded to a brochure stand or product holder in just a few simple steps? The robust "TOMA" Poster Stand made of powder-coated metal was developed precisely for these requirements. Due to the weight of 40kg, it's evidently a very stable display. The "Construct" Advertising Display", which is suitable for both permanent and alternating advertising, is completely different, but no less attractive. In addition to the lightweight design, the display is easy-to-use with its changeable advertising space on the practical aluminium frame. The digital printing plates can also be added as an extra advertising space at any time. Or how about a poster stand with a robust display that looks very classy due to its elliptical aluminium standpipe? These properties are evident on the "Score P" Poster and Brochure Stand or the "Quattro" Poster and Brochure Stand.

Discover the Advantages of Modern Poster Stands and Advertising Displays

Especially when it comes to presenting posters, whether these be showing information to customers or advertisements, you want to ensure that it's visually appealing to all and a shapely, robust poster stand will help you do that. In addition to the ideal "external" values, these displays also impress with their versatile "internal" properties, such as their use within various scenarios and for various applications, as well as their easy handling. Here you will find the right information and poster stands for your company, your next trade fair or event and benefit from the stable construction, advanced technology and modern design of the products offered.
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