Sneeze Guard "Fagus"

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  • Made from 4mm thick acrylic
  • Use on tables and counters
  • Fitted with suction cups on the bottom
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Food Sneeze Guard "Fagus"

The Fagus sneeze guard is ideal for use within the food industry. The hygiene of your products should be taken seriously not only by yourself, but your customers too, and implementing a food sneeze guard shows to your customers that this is of utmost importance to you. A countertop sneeze guard allows you to offer more protection from those passing by – it reduces the likelihood of prying hands reaching your food, but almost minimises the risk of harmful bacteria or germs falling on your items too. The practical Fagus cover makes it easier for you to present fresh food hygienically and attractively.

This particular acrylic sneeze guard for food offers protection from the front, bottom, top and both sides, however there is an opening in the rear for the easy removal of food by yourself once a sale is made. The four adhesive suction cups on the underside of the cover provide a particularly good grip on smooth surfaces, ensuring it is always kept in place. Glass and veneer provide a surface that is just as suitable as plastic or ceramic.

The counter sneeze guard is made from 4mm thick acrylic and measures 620mm (w) x 200mm (h) x 260mm (d), making it the perfect solution for showcasing an array of fresh produce and baked goods, for example. Additionally, the top of the unit could also be utilised for displaying a range of other products (preferably pre-packed) or for putting various marketing materials on view.

To clean the material, we recommend only using warm soapy water and a soft microfibre cloth. The use of harsh chemicals may damage the acrylic.
Food Sneeze Guard with Sandwiches


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Product Description

Why do I need a sneeze guard for food?

If you’re displaying any unwrapped fresh goods (i.e. baked items, pick n mix sweets), we would always recommend investing in a sneeze guard for your food. Whether at a market stall, in a café or retail store, the hygiene of your goods should always be in the forefront of your mind.

For example, let’s say there are two market stalls who both sell brownies. One covers their produce with sneeze guards – the items are protected from multiple angles. The other stall however uses no sneeze guards – this means that the items are out in the open for prying hands to touch and more at risk of contamination from harmful germs and bacteria… all it takes is one person to cough or sneeze in the direction of your food. We know which stall we’d feel more comfortable buying from!

By implementing a food sneeze guard, you’re showing that you take hygiene seriously when dealing with fresh goods, which is certain to lead to an increase in sales.

What size is the Fagus sneeze guard?

This sneeze guard for food measures 620mm (width) x 200mm (height) x 260mm (diameter). It’s the ideal size for putting fresh goods on view. Should you have more items to showcase, we recommend placing a few of the units’ side by side to create a seamless and clean display.

Do you offer any other styles of food sneeze guards?

Yes, we offer a wide selection of countertop sneeze guards too. Both our Borago and Zebrina units similarly to the Fagus, provide protection from all sides, but have an opening at the back. Additionally, we have a number of units that simply provide protection from only the front, making it a little more accessible for you to reach your products.
If you require a unit that offers protection from all sides, we would also recommend checking out our Cake Display Unit, as well as our 3-Shelf Protective Cover and Pastry Display Case too.


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