Pastry Display "Solida 2.0"

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  • acrylic display case for presenting baked goods
  • with swing door and magnetic lock
  • includes 3 shelves, removable
  • 2 sturdy stainless steel hinges
  • display case can be turned around -> door hinges right and left possible
  • directly from the manufacturer
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Our 4-tiered acrylic pastry display cabinet is a functional unit that continues to cater to the needs of bakers. It has been designed to clearly showcase your baked goods, whilst also offer full hygienic protection from all angles.

The four-tiered pastry display structure provides ample space to arrange your pastries, cakes, and the likes, allowing you to present your items in a visually appealing manner. Each tier is generously space to accommodate for various sizes and shapes of confections, providing you the opportunity to create an enticing display and to truly customise it too. In addition to the four tiers within the unit, you can also take advantage of the space on the “roof” of the pastry display case to further display more goods on sale, or to showcase advertisements.

The display cabinet is constructed from high-quality crystal-clear acrylic, providing a clear view of your goods from all directions. Whilst your customers will always have a clear view from all angles, the 360-degree coverage of the unit also provides complete hygienic protection of the goods place inside. The swing door located at the back of the unit allows for you to grab the items to be packaged up once they have sold, but prevents customers from touching or accidentally coughing/sneezing on your goods. The magnetic lock on the back also ensures that your pastries are securely enclosed, maintaining freshness too.

The sleek and modern design of the pastry display cabinet complements any décor, making it an attractive addition to your bakery, dessert shop, or for use at a marketing stall. In addition, the case could alternatively be used for displaying an array of other items – it’s not just limited to baked goods! Perhaps you want to display jewellery, ornaments, or pre-packaged foods – the display cabinet could really be utilised for just about any small product.

The unit itself measures 525mm tall, with a width of 250mm and a depth of 255mm, offering you ample space to effectively showcase your variety of goods.


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