Protective Screens for use in checkout and reception areas are now available; perfect for use within supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes and more! Take a look at just one our options, the Sneeze Guard "Mania", to further protect both your customers and employees!

Below you will find our range of sneeze guard for food or alternatively, freestanding and hanging versions. We also stock a wide range of cake displays and protective shields for fresh goods too. As a manufacturer of many of these products, we guarantee a high quality and would be happy to advise you further.

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Sneeze Guards & Cake Displays

In the food sector in particular, the presentation of goods in compliance with hygienic guidelines with the help of spit protection, sneeze protection and cough protection is essential. For this reason, counter tops made of high-quality acrylic glass are used everywhere in restaurants, cafes and bakeries. The transparent countertop serves as spit protection, sneeze protection and cough protection, but does not obscure the view of the food that is well protected underneath. 

What are sneeze guards used for?
Sneeze guards are a commonly used tool within the checkout or reception area, to prevent the spread of infection from one person to another, as well as the food sector, particularly in cafes and bakeries, where fresh foods are often on display. The use of an acrylic sneeze guard is to shield and protect both people and fresh goods from germs. Food for example, without any protection is evidently at a higher risk of contamination and utilising a sneeze guard will stop people from touching and sneezing or coughing on the items on display, whilst still providing them with a crystal-clear view of the goods.

Which sneeze guard is right for me?
All of our sneeze guards are suitable for displaying most fresh goods, from cakes to sandwiches, but the decision of which one to opt for may be a tricky one. The sneeze guards we offer are all open from the rear, allowing for easy access for the person serving customers. Our most popular item is the Sneeze Guard “Fagus” which offers protection from both the front and sides, as does the Sneeze Guard “Borago” which has a sleek curved front; both of these optimally shield your fresh goods from germs. Alternatively, the Sneeze Guard “Cepa” is a great option for a tidy display, however does not offer protection all the way around. With this said, these are extremely useful in building a longer display, as the sneeze guards can be placed next to one another without blocking access to the next. Overall, they provide the easiest access from more directions.

Do I need to use sneeze guards in my café?
Sneeze guards are an essential part for many food establishments, as they provide extra needed protection for food left out and also help in creating an interesting display. You need to put yourself in the customers’ shoes; if you have fresh food on display with no protection from germs, what impression does that give off? Using a sneeze guard to shield your food shows you take hygiene seriously and may be the deciding factor as to whether a visitor chooses to purchase from you or a competitor. Simply put, if you have fresh goods on display outside of your standard display cases, you should have a sneeze guard.

What other options do I have to display my fresh goods?
Sneeze guards aren’t your only option when it comes to displaying fresh goods, Pastry Displays and Cake Displays are another great option. These acrylic cake displays take up just as much counter space, yet are tiered so allow you to show a larger number of goods to your customers. The cake displays are available in tiers ranging from 1 tier to 4 tiers and with the doors at the rear, offer protection from all 4 sides. Goods can additionally be displayed on top too, however this offers no protection, so it’s recommended pre-packaged goods are placed here. An alternative option could also be a . Note that these do no provide any protection from germs, but are great for displaying smaller items, in particular cupcake, and are extremely popular at special events.

What else can I display in my cake display?
Just because it’s called a cake display, it doesn’t mean that these acrylic displays are limited to fresh and baked goods. If you have suitable items to display inside, these display cases could easily be used in other industries outside of the food sector.

What material are your cake displays and sneeze guards made from?
All of our sneeze guards and cake displays are manufactured from transparent acrylic, offering a clear view for customers and employees.

How are these items shipped? Do they come flat packed?
Sneeze guards are all shipped as they are shown on the website. Cake displays however are shipped flat packed. Each acrylic cake display will be provided with instruction to help you in assembling your new display unit. It is recommended that 2 people are present to build a 3 or 4-tiered cake display.

Do you make bespoke sneeze guards and cake displays?
All items shown here are our standard items, however customer sizes are possible. Please contact us with your requirements to find out more!
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