Cards and even postcards are often bought for a variety of occasions. We offer counter top, freestanding and wall mounted stands, so you’re certain to find the right display products for your business premises. Many of our postcard and greeting card units will hold a large range of cards, allowing for an expansive number of cards to be displayed at all times. These racks are often used in souvenir shops and newsagents, but can be used within many organisations.

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Always in the Focus of Customers – All Types of Card Holders

Whether a postcard, greeting card or invitation card, people use these cards for a wide range of purposes. At the same time, card stands are an effective way for you to present cards and draw further attention to any offers. From classic card ladders to counter top displays for postcards, our online shop has variety of card stands of many different shapes, sizes and styles. Whether in a revolving or rollable version, or with a classic freestanding display, grab your customers’ attention with a brand new card stand. Discover our range of postcard and greeting card holders for your POS.

Postcard Holders as a Freestanding Display or as a Wall System

Particularly in, but not limited to petrol stations, bookstores, newsagents, supermarkets and gift stores, card stands are effectively used to display cards, postcards and magazines to name a few. Discover more about our selection of attractive card stands in our online shop and order your card stand conveniently and easily online today. With the Display System “Multi”, you get a large classic card ladder model which you can choose to use for standard paper sizes, A4, A5 or A6. This portable stand is fitted with wheels on the base, so can easily be moved from one located to another. Or you could opt for the “Duo” Postcard Rack, a wall mounted system with a total of 18 compartments.

Order Postcard Racks Online

Especially at the POS, card holders (in their many variations) have become a must-need item for a large number of organisations. Ensure that your products are presented in an attractive and eye-catching way with our range of counter top, freestanding and wall mounted stands. With a postcard stand on your counter or a floor stand for postcards in the entrance area of your store, you can utilise the best models to garner your customers’ attention at the POS.

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