VKF Renzel offer a wide selection of counter displays for the presentation of various goods tables and counters. From product display cases to ice cream cone holders to food sampling counter stands, we're certain to have a counter display stand for your specific need.

If you can't see exactly what you're looking for, then thanks to our own production facilities, we may be able to produce an individual counter display according to your wishes. We will accompany you from the idea to the finished product!
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Location: Sales Counters, Reception Counters & More

Compared to conventional displays, counter displays are usually already located in highly frequented areas. Sales, reception or information counters enjoy a high number of visitors and the high frequency of these areas can be effectively used by placing displays on tables and counters.

Especially when waiting times occur, product or advertising displays on the counter are ideal for selling additional articles. Here additional articles, vouchers or gift items can be strongly advertised. Catch the attention of your customers and visitors with an attractive table top display stand. By placing advertising or goods here, you can achieve success in sales promotion.

Draw the attention of customers and visitors to different aspects with an attractive counter display. On the one hand, you can use the display to draw attention to certain sales and offers. On the other hand, it is possible to use such a display to convey additional information about a specific product or your company. Classically, the counter display can be used as a product display for a variety of products.

While the product display has a direct influence on your sales promotion, table displays with information tend to open up conversations. A product display on the counter invites customers to make further purchasing decisions. It therefore has a direct effect on your success.

With the info displays for table and counter you can arouse more interest in a certain product. The display can become a starter for a personal conversation or a consultation. By equipping the counter display with exclusive product information, the display can become an integral part of your consultation. It not only appears varied and vivid, but can also promote interest and increase the understanding for your product.

Discover the promoting effect of utilising counter displays of any kind. Placed on a table or counter, it is centrally located in the customer's field of vision. The display immediately draws attention to your message and helps to increase the interest of customers. Use the attention-grabbing effect of counter displays for your objectives.

Appealing to Customers

Custom-Made Products

High-Quality Product Displays

Attention Guaranteed: Individual Counter Top Displays

To arouse the interest of your customers, various displays may suitable for your specific needs. In our online assortment you will find models made of various materials and with different textures. In addition to classic counter display cases, you can also obtain exclusive product displays or rotating table columns. Discover the display that best represents your products, your company or your advertising.

Crystal-clear counter display cases or displays ensure a high-quality presentation of goods, while at the same time protecting the goods from external influences. Made of transparent acrylic, they ensure a clear view of your goods and products despite the protection. For this reason, this type of table display is mainly used in the field of food production, but can be used elsewhere if you feel this design would work best with your particular item(s).

In addition to the classic single-sided displays made of acrylic or slatwall, rotating models can also be ordered. Here the presentation area extends to all four sides, all of which are easily accessible to the customer. So you can display different advertising messages or products on your counter at the same time.

Thekendisplay am POS: Sonderanfertigung für Handelshof
Thanks to our in-house production and print shop, we can offer you many options in the field of finishing. The majority of the models in our range can therefore be printed and individually adapted to your specifications. With the help of an attractive print, you can personalise the article with your logo, slogan or other motif. This ensures a high recognition value and increases the awareness of your brand.

Especially suitable for exclusive customisation are our FlexiSlot® slatwall table displays. These displays are not only available in different colours and can be printed in high quality. A further advantage of the slatwall is that it can be freely designed with accessories. The accessories can be quickly hooked into the wall and still guarantee high load capacity and stability.
With an individual counter display, you can create a display perfectly matched to your product and brand. The appearance of the product display can be optimised to suit your target group, while the texture is tailored to your product range. The corporate image can also be communicated with the display. IT makes your company and your goods quickly recognisable to customers.
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