Below you'll find our range of display bridges and acrylic risers. All acrylic display risers are manufactured from high quality materials. Acrylic display bridges and display plinths raise the height of goods on display and are ideal for use in display cabinets, windows and on shelves behind counters. We offer many sizes and styles, but custom options are also available. We also have display steps and snack holders, perfect for use within cafes, restaurants and burger vans.

Order securely online or contact our sales team if you have any questions on these products, or if you would like to discuss a bespoke design for your product display.

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Acrylic Display Bridges | Create Colourful & Attractive Displays


What kind of products can be displayed on an acrylic display bridge?

These display bridges are intended for showcasing a range of products on a countertop; typically, smaller items. For example, the Shelving Display “Nigella” is a popular choice for displaying chocolate bars, mints, gum and other tempting treats near a checkout area, whereas the monitor stands are useful for sitting computers, laptops and even televisions atop of. Just about anything can displayed on our many acrylic plinths though, from jewellery to electronics. We also offer an array of different acrylic plinth sets, allowing you the option to showcase multiple products at varying levels; these include the Plinth Set “Salvia” and 3 Part Acrylic Pedestal Set.



Where can I use these display plinths?

These acrylic plinths are perfect for use within retail stores. Display keys products and help bring attention to new offers and bestsellers. Best placed near the checkout or within busy areas of a store, these simple acrylic displays can certainly aid in creating an interesting and attractive display, whilst in effect helping to increase sales.

Additionally, they’re also incredibly valuable when used during exhibitions, as they help to add another unique element to the stand design and bring more focus to your key products. Window displays are also a popular choice, as well as utilising these acrylic display plinths in display cabinets and behind counters too!



Other than the clear acrylic display plinths, do you offer any coloured options?

Yes, we do also offer a selection of coloured display bridges. The Product Display Bridge “Calamus” is available in an array of colours and helps draw even more attention to your products by adding a striking pop of colour.



Can I have a custom display stand created?

Yes, it is possible for us to create custom display stands. To find out more information regarding a bespoke acrylic display plinth, please contact us directly to discuss further.

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