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An acrylic display platform that is designed for promoting products. These inexpensive bridges are an affordable way to bring attention and focus to products. It adds height to any countertop, highlighting the items and products on display. It has a simple design, being a sheet of acrylic folded three times to create an acrylic bridge. Created using crystal clear acrylic, these displays have a brilliant clear finish. We have two versions available: 100mm & 150mm high. This gives you a freestanding shelf, allowing you to display items underneath if needed. It gives more space and essentially gives you greater opportunity to sell items. It enables users to build elaborate displays to improve their ability to display. They are made right here at our UK production facility. They are stocked and stored, ready to send out to customers.


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Where would you see these displays used?

The application of these acrylic displays are limitless. It is a versatile display that will fit into any working environment. Below are just a few examples of where you could find these displays being used: 

Office: A great way to showcase products to visitors, employees and shareholders. Displaying items within the office will ensure staff members are well informed on products features and their USP’s

Exhibition event: Brilliant for showcasing products to exhibition visitors when exhibiting. These displays will really make your items stand out, crucial for success at competitive expos and tradeshows.

Showroom: These displays would be beneficial in any showroom, such as car dealerships. They can be used to display key information directly to consumers.

Retail: An ideal place to utilise their displays, there are all sorts of products that can be promoted using our acrylic bridges. 

What other acrylic displays on offer? 

We have a great selection of products and displays on offer that bring attention and focus to your products. Check out some alternative options for acrylic displays! 
  • Leaflet Dispenser - Need a way to distribute marketing materials? Our leaflet dispensers are a brilliant way to give out leaflets, flyers and brochures. They are designed to hold several pieces of literature and available in a variety of sizes. 
  • Acrylic Cube - If you are looking to display products in a fun, exciting way, be sure to check out our acrylic cubes. These are a great way to protect products from dust but also make items look more appealing. Perfect for creating an eye-catching display. 
  • Freestanding Single Sided Acrylic Poster Holder- Slight tilt to increase the opportunity to catch the eye of the consumers. A great way to replay information directly to consumers. These displays are built from crystal clear acrylic for seamless displaying.Comes in sizes A3 - A9 and are produced here in the West Midlands at our production facility.
If you require more information or need any assistance in your search for the right product, then please feel free to contact our sales team. They would be more than happy to assist you in your search for the right product. 


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Variants Height (outer) Version Item number Item No. Price
100 mm height 100 mm 100 mm
height 100 mm
60.0112.452 £ 2.16 view Article »
150 mm height 150 mm 150 mm
height 150 mm
60.0112.453 £ 2.42 view Article »
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