Here you’ll find our range of poster frames, poster holderssnap frames and poster pockets, all of which are available in the most standard formats. You can use these poster frames and other products for several reasons, like displaying prices on certain products around your store, for displaying important information to customers with our window display poster holders or highlighting current offers and promotions to customers – the options are endless.
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Poster Frames & Poster Pockets From VKF Renzel UK


In our range of poster frames, we supply Snap Frames, also known as click frames or snap shut poster frames, which are silver anodised aluminium frames for displaying posters and information to customers and visitors. These silver poster frames can be used in any environment, and we have locking waterproof frames for outdoor use and locking frames for areas where security is needed. Our plastic showcard frames are available in a wide range of colours and standard “A” size poster formats; with the huge range of accessories available, we have a solution for almost any requirement.

Additionally, we manufacture our own acrylic poster pockets and PVC poster holders in-house. You can easily hang these poster pockets from ceilings using the drilled holes or mount them on walls using window display poster holders as well as the holes or adhesive, depending on the version you opt for.


What different types of frames do you stock?

We stock a wide variety of different frames, manufactured from a number of materials, so we’re sure to have a perfect frame for your exact needs. A selection of the various frames we have on offer are:


  • Plastic Frames - Our Plastic Poster Showcard Frames are a popular choice. These versatile frames come in an expansive range of colours and offer an easy solution for displaying posters – posters simply slide in and out of the top of the frame. Plastic frames are also available for window displays, which can be supported by our window display poster holders, and laminated posters too!
  • Aluminium Snap Frames - A sleek design, our silver snap frames allow for the easy changing of posters with the simple snap frame technology. They’re a popular choice within a range of environments, whether corporate, retail or entertainment and offer a tidy and crystal-clear view of posters.
  • Wooden Frames - A great choice within farm shops, country pubs and the like, these wooden frames are perfect for helping to create a more rustic vibe.
  • LED Frames - We also stock a selection of silver LED frames which will certainly aid in drawing additional attention to your inserts and provide a clear view of your inserts in darkly lit environments.


How can I hang/display my frames?

Various options are available when it comes to displaying the frames, including the standard methods of hanging frames with the use of hooks or nails. In addition, particularly when it comes to our plastic poster frames, we also offer a plethora of ways to display these with the wide range of attachments available. You can hang your plastic poster frames from the ceiling, attach them to the wall or create a freestanding display. Turn heads towards your display in your shop with our range of window display poster holders, ideal for advertising your bespoke products.


Do you have frames suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, we have a selection of silver waterproof frames that will be suitable to face the outdoors. These snap frames include the Waterproof Snap Frame “Eco 35”, the Waterproof Silver Snap Frame Tamperproof "Eco 35" and the Waterproof Click Frame “Broker”. The Waterproof LED Light Frame is also a great outdoor option for those looking to utilise a LED version. For even more added support to all these outdoor frames, why not explore our range of poster holders to add stability and offer alternative positions for your frames to be displayed?

What different types of poster pockets do you have available?

If you’re after poster pockets, we offer many different options for you to choose from. These include the PVC Poster Pockets, of which we have many variants available for either hanging, inserting into poster frames, sticking with their self-adhesive backings, as well as smaller pockets to attach to individual products and more. Acrylic Poster Holders and Static Poster Pockets, which are useful for adding to window displays, are also readily available if required.


What sizes do your poster pockets, frames and poster holders come in?

The great thing about our poster frames and pockets is that we offer a wide selection of standard DIN sizes to choose from. These typically range from A0 to A7 depending upon the particular product chosen and are offered in both portrait and landscape, but various other sizes are also available too. Our poster holders are easily adjustable for the varying heights you desire.


Can I have a bespoke size created?

If you can’t see the size you’re after available, please get in contact with us to discuss the possibility of creating a bespoke item for you. This is possible for many of our standard products.

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