Magnet with Flexible Clamp

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  • Magnet includes elastic clip for flexible attachment.
  • Product consists of two parts, delivered unassembled
  • Recommendation to use two clips per frame
  • Quick and efficient fixing of frames to metallic surfaces
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Our magnet with elastic clip is the perfect accessory for flexibly attaching frames to uprights and other suitable surfaces. The product consists of two parts and is supplied unassembled. To ensure optimum attachment of frames to metallic surfaces, we recommend the use of two clips per frame.
The elastic clip allows for flexible attachment and easy adjustment of the frames. With this magnet including elastic clip, you can easily attach your frames to metallic surfaces, whether in retail or wholesale.

Using this product offers you many advantages. You can attach your frames quickly and efficiently to metallic surfaces without having to carry out time-consuming assembly work. The elastic clip allows for easy adjustment and ensures a secure hold.
We recommend using 2 clamps per frame.

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