Our LED Frames utilise LED technology to light up display graphics. They are installed behind the frame and the entire graphic is back lit. We have a range of different frames on offer that are suitable for different environments. These frames are the perfect way to appeal to consumers in busy, high footfall environments such as high streets or exhibitions. Check out our range today.
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LED Frames light up your Displays

Lighting up your Display Graphics will greatly improve their effectiveness. Having a Back Lit Display will increase the presence of the graphic within the area of use. Brightly lit displays standout much more than that of unlit displays. Lighting is an important part of advertising and promoting as these need to be seen! Applying lighting into this only makes it easier for consumers and customers to see. If you are looking for other lighting solutions, have a look at our range of Accessories and Lighting equipment. Below we look at a few specific LED Frames that may be suitable for your business:

We have a range of Frames on offer that all suit different environments. For example, our hanging LED Frame doesn’t require a wall for use. These frames hang from the ceiling for use within environments with limited space. Moreover, these LED Frames are double sided, giving more coverage for graphics.

Our simple frames are our most affordable option for LED Frames. These can easily be installed in any environment. Simple but effective, the lit-up graphic will be eye-catching to all consumers visiting your business.

We also have smaller options on offer. Our LED Glass Light Frame "Vetro" is a table top LED Display for smaller, POS displaying. As this unit is small and non-wall mounted it is portable and only requires a plug-in point. Furthermore, the inserts used need only be printed on paper and can be replaced, reused over and over again.

If you have any questions or queries then feel free to contact our team today!
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