Aluminium frames and snap frames are the most popular poster display systems sold in the UK. Available in a wide choice of sizes and colours, we offer a frame to hold almost any standard poster. Snap frames are available for most A sizes, but we can also manufacture some custom picture frames. Snap Frames allow you to place a poster in the centre of the frame, then easily click the sides down into place. Spring Loaded Poster Frames suspend your poster tightly from the corners of the frame; they can be suspended or fixed to a base. 

Our aluminium picture frames are available in variable sizes, with most available in the standard A sizes. If you require a bespoke size or design, then please call us for more information.

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Aluminium Poster Frames For The Perfect Poster Display

What types of aluminium poster frames do you offer?

We stock a wide selection of different aluminium poster frames. These include:

  • Insert Frames. These simple-to-use frames are perfect for the easy insertion and removal of any poster. Simply slide the poster into the slot at the top of the frame and you’re good to go.
  • Click Frames. With the simple snap frame technology, these click frames, or snap frames, are an incredibly popular choice when it comes to securely displaying posters. To insert your posters, just pull each side of the frame outward, place the poster inside and then click the sides of the frame back into place.
  • LED Snap Frames. They function identically to a standard snap frame; however, we now also offer a range of eye-catching LED frames, brightening the frame to bring added attention to the poster inside.
  • Spring Loaded Stretch Frames. Create the illusion of a floating poster; these unique frames stretch the graphics tightly between each corner of the frame, aiding in creating a unique and interesting display for those passing by.

What sizes do you offer frames for?

Most of our frames come in standard DIN sizes, including A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1, as well as 500mm x 700mm and 700mm x 1000mm, which are common poster sizes across the country.

Are the cover sheets also included with the frames?

Many of our aluminium poster frames do come with the cover sheet provided, however it is always worth checking each individual listing just to confirm this. Alternatively, Cover Sheets can also be purchased separately, in all sizes suitable for the range of frames available, as well as our Cover Sheets for Poster Stand “Eco 35”.

Do you sell waterproof frames?

Yes, we do offer a selection of waterproof and water-resistant frames; these include the Waterproof Snap Frame “Eco 35”, as well as a Tamperproof “Eco 35” version too. The Waterproof LED Light Frame is also available for use outdoors or in a similar environment.

How can I display my aluminium frames?

Most of the aluminium frames are more likely than not hung up with the use of either nails or hooks. Alternatively, we also supply Hanging Sets for use on cable systems, Hangers for click frames and Suction Cup Sets for spring-loaded frames.

Can I have a bespoke frame created?

This is something we may be able to do. Please enquire with our sales team about the possibility of creating a bespoke aluminium frame.

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