Stretch frames are simply large scale displays stretch the fabric graphics over the frames. With precision cutting of fabric, the stretch effect removes any creases or imperfections. We have different versions of our stretch frames available, including LED, A board frames and outdoor boards. Our stretch frames improve visual communication in any environment. Take a look through our range today!
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LED Stretchframes

These LED Frames can be used outdoors – and with there LED functionality, they can be used at any point of the day. Our LEDs will illuminate your displays for long periods of time and that is why we have ensured that the LEDs are Long-life. Installing our LED Stretchframes is easy, which is done via hanging of the banner via circumferential piping.

Elaborate Displays

We have large elaborate displays on offer such as our Stretch Frame Cube or our “Combi” Stretchframe. These are frames with unique features making your business standout making your business more competitive.

Stretch Frame Cubes are huge hanging displays that are fantatstic at catching consumers attention. These are large displays that are ideal for use within Event and Exhibition settings. Our “Combi” Stretchframe come equipped with one writable chalk foil. This allows users to write messages. This is a double-sided display making it more eye-catching to your customers.

We also have Room Acoustics Absorber Stretch Frame which are designed for optimising room acoustics. This is done through integrated high-performance absorber and also comes with an individually printed banner. These are available in individual sizes and can be installed as wall frames, room dividers and ceiling canvases.
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