Our poster pockets are available in the most common DIN formats and are made from acrylic and PVC. Poster Pockets made from acrylic can be suspended on hooks or stuck to walls and panels, PVC Poster Pockets can also be hung from ceiling hooks or stuck to walls for a low cost poster display, and poster pockets and price cases are used primarily to preserve the print media from dust, dirt and moisture. Punched price pockets are popular for showing prices on furniture or in garden centres, whereas Energy Efficiently Label Holder Pockets are made to suit standard labels for white goods and electrical items.

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Poster Pockets From VKF Renzel


Where can I use poster pockets? What different variations of poster pockets do you sell?

Poster pockets are used in a variety of industries for a variety of different purposes. Our protective covers for posters may be utilised to make people aware of current offers, sales or company news and information, and are found in sectors ranging from retail to food and hospitality to corporate environments.

Many of the poster pockets we sell are suitable for window displays; we stock a selection of Poster Pockets that will stick to the windows themselves without leaving any residue behind. Alongside this, we also supply Poster Pockets made from acrylic with Suction Cups for window displays. If poster pockets are needed to be hung from a ceiling or display, we also have a plethora of poster pockets which will do so, including the Poster Pocket with Punched Holes. Simply link the hook or fixing through the hole to display the poster anywhere you wish. Poster pockets are also frequently used to display individual prices and information on products, for example in furniture and bike stores. For this use, a Soft PVC Price Pocket with Single Insert will do the trick. Additionally, we also offer a wide range of other transparent poster and price posters, including Magnetic Poster Holders, Protective Pockets for Energy Labels and Poster Pockets with Tape.



What sizes do my inserts need to be?

The vast majority of our poster pockets will hold standard paper sizes (ranging from A1 to A8), however we do offer some alternative sizes too. If you need a size that we don’t stock, please contact us directly to see if this is something we can create for you.



How can I hang my poster pockets up?

Some of our poster pockets, including the Window Poster Holder are static, and as a result, will stick to a window without the use of glue or other fixings. There are also other variations available that have a self-adhesive backing, allowing them to stick onto the surface. More poster pockets are held up with the use of hooks, poster rails or other fixing and poster pockets used to display prices on bikes or furniture etc. might be hung with Ball Chains or Cable Ties.



Do you have any waterproof poster pockets?

Whilst most of our poster pockets are suitable for only indoor use (or use outside during decent weather), we do also have a Waterproof Poster Pocket available, which could regularly be used outdoors, as well as a Water Repellent Poster Holder. These are also a great option for garden centres and the likes.



Can you create bespoke poster pockets?

If you need a bespoke poster sleeve, we may be able to create a custom size for you. Please contact us directly with your exact requirements to discuss this further.

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