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Below is our range of acrylic poster pockets. Available in most standard DIN sizes, our acrylic pockets are a best seller here at VKF Renzel for displaying posters and information around your business, in a cost effective manner. Acrylic pockets can be suspended from hooks or clips, stuck to walls and panels and can also be used in a menu card holder base and much more. Custom sizes can be made and we would be happy to discuss your needs further.

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Acrylic Poster Pockets from VKF Renzel UK

Where are these clear poster pockets used?

Regardless of the sector you operate in, these acrylic poster pockets are suitable for just about any environment from retail to offices to public facilities. Whether to showcase current offers in-store, company information in a reception area or for advertising purposes, these pockets are incredibly versatile. 

Opt to create a window display with the use of suction cups with the Acrylic Pocket with Suction Cups and showcase multiple inserts at once at the window with the Display Window Set “Mahonia”. These transparent pockets can also be hung from a ceiling or wall by using pockets with holes near the top, attaching fixings to hang them up; take for example the Acrylic Poster Pocket "Basic" or Acrylic Poster Pocket with Hook. The U-Pockets in both A6 and A5 are also supplied with standoffs, allowing you to screw the pockets directly to the wall, and alternatively, we also offer an array of poster displays with adhesive tape on the back, meaning there’s absolutely no need for additional fixings. Finally, there are also pockets supplied without holes or any sort of fixings, allowing you to be creative and display them exactly how you’d like.

What fixings do I need to display my poster pockets?

The great thing about many of our poster pockets is that they are also supplied with their fixings, from suction cup and hooks to adhesive tape and standoffs. However, depending upon how you need to display yours inserts, you may wish to purchase your own fixings separately to attach the poster pocket to a ceiling or shelf or to include within a window display. Don’t forget to check out our full range of Product Fixings.

Is it easy to insert and remove my poster?

Yes, it’s incredibly easy to insert and replace your posters; most of our pockets allow you to simply slide the insert in and out from the top.

What sizes do your acrylic poster pockets come in?

Our transparent poster pockets come in a wide range of standard DIN sizes; these typically range from A7, A6, A5, A4 and A3, and depending upon the particular pocket chosen, is also available in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Can you create custom acrylic poster pockets?

Yes, we are able to make custom poster pockets from acrylic. If you’re looking for an alternative size, please do contact us directly and we can discuss the possibility of doing this for you further.

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