These hanging, or wall mounted frames are great for use on wall when space elsewhere may be an issue. They allow you to fully utilise as much advertising space within your premises as possible. There are a wide range of frames on offer, from the classic silver snap frames to colour plastic frames, there's certain to be a frame that will perfectly suit your environment.

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A truly versatile display frame format

Once of the most appealing aspects of our hanging poster frames is that they have an elegant look but are available at an affordable price. These products are truly versatile as they can easily be hung from a ceiling.  Many of our hanging frames are available in different colours to match a particular brand image or colour. We also have stylish aluminium style frames that will suit almost any environment with its modern finish. Our Frames are available in different DIN formats. Meaning that no matter what your print size is, we have the frame to accommodate for the size of your inserts.

We offer a diverse range of Hanging Frames that have different roles and uses. For example, our “Clear Line” Poster Frame is ideal for use outdoors as it is water repellent. These Frames are suitable for use outdoors and once your insert is secure, it cannot get wet as it is protected by a two-part frame with a cover. Additionally, frames are provided with small feet stands that allow these frames to stay upright. However, this unit is highly versatile and can be displayed as needed – check out the product video for some inspiration.

Alternatively, our spring-loaded frame is easy to set up and makes your advertisement look as if its floating within the frame. To create this effect, spring-loaded crocodile clips attach to a print insert via 4 corners. This ensures the advertisement is in the centre of the frame. It is easy, simple and quick to do making it great for employees to use.
These are just a few examples of how our frames are unique and can be used for various different advertising roles.

Insert or Snap-frame?

For quick changes, our plastic poster frames simply need to have a new advertisement inserted into it. This is fast, tool – free and enables staff & employees to quickly change advertisements or promotions as needed. Our Snap Frames our customers with a more secure display frame. Once your insert is secure within the frame, simply snap down the four sides to firmly keep your insert in place. Whichever option you decide to go for, your inserts will be safe and secure within our hanging frames.

These are just a handful of examples of how are Hanging Frame range has a variety of uses. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Or need a question answered? Our team are more than happy to assist you, so get in touch today!
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