Do you need new components for displaying your products and/or advertisements? We offer stable rotating bases for stands that guarantee trouble-free operation. The turntables are very resistant to mechanical damage, which has a positive effect on their service life. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry that the swivel platform will have to be replaced often - we offer solidly made turntables made of durable materials. Thus, the components will work quietly and without unnecessary problems. What's more, the rotating platforms are available in a wide price range, meaning you'll find a suitable option for your company's budget.
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Always on the Move: Varied Revolving Turntables

Are you in search of the perfect revolving turntable for an event, shop window or counter area? Or would you potentially like to present certain products in a different context in an eye-catching way, and from as many different perspectives as possible? Then take a look at our wide range of revolving platforms. They're characterised by their different load levels, from turntables with a possible maximum central load of 5kg to particularly robust turntables that can withstand a load of up to 500kg. Our revolving turntables can be placed pretty much anywhere, so offer a number of possibilities when displaying your products.

Give Your Products the Perfect Twist

Would you like to showcase a mannequin in an attractive 360 degree presentation? Or perhaps other products, such as shows or pieces of jewellery? Whatever you're looking to display, a turntable can certainly be utilised to add further interest to the item. The Turntable 10kg is a classic for the shop window or counter area. With 2.5 revolutions per minute, this revolving turntable with a flange diameter of 124mm offers exactly the right area to present the product to a large audience in an effective way. Or should you require a stand for a greater load, then the Turntable 50kg or Turntable 500kg would be suitable choices. Think carefully about how heavy and large the products that you're presenting are and then use that factor to decide on the right revolving turntable for you.

Various Selection Criteria for Your Turntable

The choice of the turntable that is right for you always depends on the format and weight of the product that you want to present. Also think about the footprint diameter of the turntable and power supply, because most turntables work electrically. In addition to the weight and power supply, you should also consider the height and width of the products to be displayed. Especially with larger and higher products, the maximum load capacity can change again and again due to the lever principle. You should keep this aspect in mind, as well as the turning speed. If you have any questions about our turntables, we will be more than happy to assist you.
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