Protective Ceiling Suspension in Transparent Plastic "Protective Screen"

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  • Protective screen in plastic
  • Easy ceiling mounting due with pre-drilled holes
  • For more hygienic protection at cash desk and counter
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The protective screen made of transparent plastic provides you with hygienic protection in various areas of application.

Why Choose a Ceiling Suspension Protective Screen?

Countertop units often take up a lot of space on the counter, which is otherwise an important part of the buying or consulting process. Such units can also move around reducing the effectiveness of the protection they offer. With a protective screen these problems are resolved. No surface space is taken up with the ceiling suspension.

How to fit the protective screen?

For the fitting of the protective screen only the corresponding accessories such as hooks or wires are required. The double hooks or wires can easily be attached to the product through pre-drilled holes.

Once firmly fastened in place, both goods and persons can be permanently protected. The transparency of the panel continues to ensure personalised contact with customers and creates space for professional advice while maintaining hygiene protection.

So that there is no obstruction when buying or exchanging papers, goods or means of payment, the protective panel provides as much space as desired at the bottom. You decide how high you want to hang the screen and how much space you want beneath. The panel can be adjusted according to the thickness or height of the items to be passed through.

The panel can be fitted in a very short time and protection for the cash register or counter is ready. Due to the ceiling mounting, the screen cannot slip and so offers long-term protection.


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