Wooden Menu Card Holder "Beech" in Standard Paper Sizes

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Product highlights

  • Recycled material possible
  • Wooden base
  • For one or two-sided paper inserts
  • Vertical insert
  • 2 mm acrylic, crystal clear / wood
  • A4-A6 + 1/3 A4 (DL)
  • Printing on request
  • Special formats possible from 300 pieces
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Wooden Menu Card Holder "Beech"

The "Beech" menu card holder is the ideal display for the catering and hospitality trade. With its timeless design, it goes with any interior and adds a stylish touch to any table. Each wooden base is also supplied with its own acrylic pocket. You can choose between an ordinary or recycled acrylic pocket to slide into the base and keep your insert stable.

The recycled acrylic option consists of up to 90 percent recycled raw materials from industrial waste and offers the same high-quality and transparency as the standard model. The small logo found towards the base of the acrylic pocket indicates that it is a recycled material and underlines the sustainability of the product.

The wooden base of the menu card holder gives it a particularly natural and refined look. The vertical slot allows for the easy insertion (and removal) of single or double-sided paper inserts, in either an A4, A5, A6 or 1/3rd A4 format. The 2mm crystal-clear acrylic glass ensures optimum visibility of the menus, drinks lists or other inserted posters.

If desired, the menu card holder “Beech” can also be provided with an individual imprint. In additional, special formats are also possible. Please note, that there are minimum quantity orders in both cases. Contact us directly for a quote if interested in custom items.
A4 wooden menu card holder with a lunch menu displayed


Item number

Product Description

How can I insert my poster into the wooden menu card holder?

Inserting your graphic into the double-sided menu card holder could not be easier. Your item will arrive as two separate parts: the wooden base and the 2mm thick acrylic pocket. To insert your poster into the pocket, open the acrylic pocket slightly at the bottom, which will provide you enough room to slide your insert(s) in. Once done, the pocket itself simply slots into the grooves on the wooden base, and you’re good to go. Removing and changing posters is just as easy too.

Where could I display my wooden poster holder?

All in all, menu holders can be displayed just about anywhere. Regardless of the name menu holder, these nifty little products can be put to use to display an array of printed materials. From sales promotion posters to business opening times to menus, the possibilities are endless. That being said, here are some of the most popular locations in which wooden menu card holders are often used:

  • Dining Tables – One of the best places to use a wooden base card holder is directly on the diner’s table. This ensures that the content displayed within the menu holder is right in the eyeline of the customer, automatically exposing them to whatever posters have been placed inside. Using the menu holder as a double-sided display also increases visibility and ensures a better view of the inserts from multiple angles. Menus and special offers are a frequent to show when a wooden card holder is employed on the dining table.
  • Check-In Areas/Bars – Countertops are a valuable location to place a variety of posters. These wooden menu card holders would certainly be an effective option should you have a specific check-in area where customers need to wait to be seated or a separate bar area. You can use this to highlight special offers and in the case of the bar, tempt a few impulse purchases.
  • Retail Stores – Not only do wooden poster holders work well within eateries, but retail stores can benefit from their use too. Particularly if you’re searching for a sign holder with a more rustic or natural effect, then the wooden menu holder may be the perfect choice.


What other options do you have for me to display my posters and/or menus?

If you feel another design may be better suited, or you're looking for an additional menu holder to complement the wooden base version, then rest assured, we're certain to have a suitable option:

  • Countertop Menu Holders – In addition to our Wooden Menu Card Holder "Beech", we also stock a range of other countertop poster displays that may be a suitable choice for showcasing your printed inserts. From our simple Freestanding Single Sided Acrylic Poster Holder to the Open Base Acrylic Poster Holder.
  • Wall Mounted Frames & Pockets – Alternatively, a wall mounted menu display may be a preferred choice. These are great to use in conjunction with your tabletop menu holders, allowing you to fully utilise free wall space too.
  • Freestanding Sign Holders – Certainly an eye-catcher, a freestanding poster stand is a great option for drawing some well-deserved attention to your printed materials. We have a wide range of menu and poster displays readily available.

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Variants Insert size Version Shape of base Item number Item No. Price
A4 standard square A4
60.0135.1 £ 7.45 view Article »
A5 standard square A5
60.0135.2 £ 4.70 view Article »
A6 standard square A6
60.0135.3 £ 4.05 view Article »
⅓ A4 (DL) standard square ⅓ A4 (DL)
60.0135.5 £ 4.60 view Article »
A5 standard oval A5
60.0136.2 £ 4.95 view Article »
A6 standard oval A6
60.0136.3 £ 4.30 view Article »
⅓ A4 (DL) standard oval ⅓ A4 (DL)
60.0136.7 £ 5.22 view Article »
A4 recycled acrylic square A4
recycled acrylic
60.0135.28 £ 7.52 view Article »
A5 recycled acrylic square A5
recycled acrylic
60.0135.29 £ 5.50 view Article »
A6 recycled acrylic square A6
recycled acrylic
60.0135.30 £ 4.39 view Article »
⅓ A4 (DL) recycled acrylic square ⅓ A4 (DL)
recycled acrylic
60.0135.31 £ 5.54 view Article »
A5 recycled acrylic oval A5
recycled acrylic
60.0136.9 £ 6.12 view Article »
A6 recycled acrylic oval A6
recycled acrylic
60.0136.10 £ 4.62 view Article »
⅓ A4 (DL) recycled acrylic oval ⅓ A4 (DL)
recycled acrylic
60.0136.11 £ 5.77 view Article »
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