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Our single-tier clear acrylic leaflet holders, designed to effectively showcase your promotional material while also maintaining a clean and professional appearance. Made from high-quality transparent acrylic, these holders offer a crystal-clear view of your brochures, leaflets or literature, ensuring that your content captures attention without distortion.

Available in three convenient sizes – A4, A5 and 1/3rd A4, in portrait orientations – these holders cater to multiple document dimensions, providing you more flexibility for your marketing needs. The A4 size is perfect for standard sized documents, whilst the A5 and 1/3rd A4 sizes offer a more compact option for smaller or slimmer leaflets. Additionally, should you need to display a landscape A5 leaflet, the A4 brochure dispenser can alternatively be employed for this use.

The single-tier design allows for easy access to your leaflets, while maintaining an organised and tidy appearance. Whether placed on countertops, at reception desks or at exhibition stands, these clear acrylic holders are ideal for use in practically any environment, as they complement your branding without blocking your literature.

Our acrylic leaflet holders ensure a long-lasting solution for your promotional displays. Their versatility, low price point and the ease to change inserts at the click of a finger make them a preferred choice within various settings, from offices and retail spaces to trade shows and reception areas.


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Currently, we offer this single-tier acrylic leaflet holder for printed materials in sizes A4, A5 and 1/3rd A4, providing you effective display options for the most common leaflet sizes.

What are the benefits of using a countertop leaflet holder?
  • Increased Visibility & Accessibility: These acrylic leaflet holders offer an easily accessible location to directly display and dispense your promotional materials to your customers and/or visitors. Placing the leaflet dispenser on a countertop ensures that your content is in the direct line of sight for customers, increasing the chances that they’ll notice and pick up the information.
  • Space Efficiency: Countertop leaflet holders are designed to maximise space efficiency, providing a compact and organised way to display your marketing materials, additionally without occupying valuable floor space. This is particularly beneficial when space is limited.
  • Cost-Effective: Acrylic leaflet holders offer a cost-effective solution for distributing promotional materials. By having a designated space for brochures, you minimise the risk of clutter and disorganisation, which can lead to more effective communication with your audience as well.
What other alternatives do I have to display my leaflets?

Should a single-tier countertop leaflet holder not be exactly what you’re looking for, don’t fret! We have a wide range of alternatives in which you can effectively display your printed materials to your customers. These include:

Multi-Tier Leaflet Holders: In the case you have different leaflets that you wish to display at once, our multi-tier leaflet holders are a great alternative. Available in a multitude of standard A sizes, these acrylic leaflet holders are ideal for environments where you want to present a range of brochures or leaflets without taking up too much valuable countertop space.

Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders: When floor or countertop space is at a premium, you may potentially opt for a wall mounted variant. These leaflet holders can be strategically placed on unused walls, allowing you to fully utilise all space within your premises.

Freestanding Leaflet Holders: A great flexible option, freestanding leaflet holders are a great choice for creating a designated information hub. They offer the advantage of mobility, enabling you to adapt your promotional displays and change layouts and designs whenever necessary. Beneficially, most of these leaflet dispensers also have multiple pockets, allowing you to display and dispense various promotional materials at once.


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Variants Size Item number Item No. Price
A5 A5 67.0152.3 £ 1.75 view Article »
A4 A4 67.0152.4 £ 2.69 view Article »
⅓ A4 (DL) ⅓ A4 (DL) 67.0152.2 £ 1.32 view Article »
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