Here you'll find a selection of brochure holders and literature stands that can usually accommodate a large number of different types of print media in a limited area. Since the floor space in sales rooms and exhibitions is often reserved for the products offered, the space for displaying promotional documents can often be limited. Buy brochure display stands that are inclusive of brochures, small catalogues, sales documents and print media. If you have any additional questions about any of our products, please feel free to get in touch and we'd be happy to advise you further.

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We Have All Types of Stands & Racks Covered

Here you'll find a wide variety of brochure stands, ideal for use in various situations and locations to display a range of your own print media. Determine your specific need - will a single tier or multi-tiered leaflet stand be better suited for you? Within our range, we're sure to have an option that'll work perfectly. Floorstanding Brochure stand displays and catalogue stands are available in countless variations. Choose from Plastic Brochure Holders to brochure display stands made from wood & metal. Increase your Point Of Sale opportunities by incorporating extra display elements such as an acrylic leaflet shelf.


Why consider a brochure stand?

- Available with single or multiple compartments to display as many flyers, magazines etc. as you wish.

- An ideal product for trade fairs. These versatile brochure stands for the most part are also easy to stow away and transport.

- Most leaflet stands are fairly compact when considering the large volumes of print media that they can hold.


Floor Standing Brochure Holders & Literature Stands from VKF Renzel

Our range of portable literature stands are great for exhibitions, demonstrations and shows, particularly as we have foldable and collapsible stands that are easy to transport from one event to another. If you're limited for space then these floor standing brochure holders and a literature stand are great for space saving and allows you to still maximise your distribution with the sleek and stylish designs of our various products. They are made from high quality material, including aluminium, acrylic and wood and all are manufactured to an extremely high standard. It is easier to find a suitable floor brochure stand if you first determine the need. You decide on a brochure stand with a compartment or a multiple floor stand. After that, the available space is used as optimally as possible to help make the most out of your brochure displays.

Many of our floor brochure stands and catalogue stands are specially manufactured and can be customized according to your wishes. An individual advertising print affixed to the top sign of the floor brochure stands serves the information and helps to target your customers. Materials such as aluminium, acrylic glass, polystyrene and wood attract attention through a high-quality and elegant look. 

If you have any questions or would like some additional advice, then please call our experienced sales team and they will be more than happy to help.

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