Select from our wide range of classic freestanding leaflet stands; whether metal, aluminium, wire, steel or acrylic, we're sure to have the right one for you! If you have any questions about the products or their use, we would be more than happy to help.

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A large selection of brochure stand in various sizes and shapes

Some are rotatable, some are even foldable; we supply an extensive and versatile range of brochure stands suitable for just about every use. 

Versatile brochure stands

Particularly when it comes to presenting magazines, newspapers or brochures in an effective and attention-grabbing way, leaflet stands are a great solution. Brochure stands are typically located in the entrace areas of businesses, banks, offices etc. but are also a popular choice within sales rooms, receptions, meeting rooms and for a plethora of events, including trade fairs. They're an especially good solution for drawing attention to specific products, services or promotions you may have on offer.

The brochure stand "Tondo NG" for example, is a sturdy stand manufactured from metal, with removable clear acrylic pockets to display your leaflets. This particular stand is available for A4, A5 or 1/3 A4 (DL) leaflets and is an increasingly popular choice. Alternatively, the stand "Rovigo" is also available as a freestanding display and is a great choice when wanting to display and just bring attention to one particular brochure. This sleek design is incredibly lightweight, coming in at just 3kg, meaning that you can freely move your leaflet stand easily as and when you wish. Made of powder-coated metal, this brochure stand offers a filling depth of 100mm for leaflets in an A4 portrait format. Looking for something a little more unique though? Perhaps opt for the "Zig-Zag" brochure stand. This contemporary leaflet display stand is sure to be an attention grabber with its unique design. Display up to 6 different brochures at one time, 3 visible from each side at differing heights.

A leaflet stand for every need

These robust, sturdy and stable leaflet stands allow you to create a visual and appealing display of your brochures, catalogues etc. to your customers and those passing by. The perfect solution for a variety of occasions and locations, the expansive range on offer ensures that they'll be a leaflet stand for your exact need.

What sort of literature can I display in a leaflet stand?
Leaflets displays aren’t just limited to the standard leaflet. Whilst they’re the perfect choice for showcasing the latest flyers and pamphlets, these sturdy stands can generally hold a large amount of weight and therefore are also ideal for use with heavier products, including both catalogues and magazines.

What materials do your leaflet display stands come in?
The majority of the leaflet display stands here are available in metal, or steel. This ensure that your leaflet holder is incredibly sturdy, durable and able to hold quite a weight. Additionally, this strong material will be difficult for those passing by to damage. With that said, we also offer a plethora of wooden leaflet stands for those individuals seeking a more rustic solution; for example, the Leaflet Stand “H2” in Wood. As well as wood, we stock completely acrylic leaflet stands too, including the Floorstanding Leaflet Stand “Nigella”, so you’re certain to find the perfect model for you exact needs.

Will my leaflets fit in your display stands?
As you’ll be able to see, we offer an extremely expansive range of leaflet display stands, with a number of displays in a selection of different styles and sizes. For ease, many of our brochure stands are available in either A4, A5 or 1/3 A4(DL) as standard, if not all three.

How easy are these leaflet stands to transport?
A model such as the Floor Standing Brochure Stand “Rovigo” is incredibly lightweight and easy to move, however many of the stands on offer are a little more weighty and therefore slightly more difficult to move. This may be beneficial however, as the additional weight prevents the leaflet stand from being easily knocked over. If you would alternatively prefer a easily transportable solution, we do also offer a variety of Portable Leaflet Stands too!

Do you offer wall mounted and countertop leaflet stands?
Yes, whilst we have a wide selection of freestanding leaflet stands readily available, we also stock a large number of both Countertop Leaflet Stands, as well as Wall Mounted Leaflet Stands, ensuring that we’ll have a solution suitable for your exact needs.

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