Below is our wide range of catalogue stands and dispensers. Our catalogue racks come in a range of different sizes and colours and are professionaly made to a high standard.

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Where Should I Place My Catalogue Stand?

A catalogue for a business can be an integral part of their strategy and an effective way of promoting repeat customers. It is an opportunity to showcase your best sellers, new products, sale items etc. So, with that in mind it is important to place your catalogue stand in a position where it is visible to customers. Placing your catalogue stand in a waiting room, reception, near an exit or enterance are some of the most popular options as these are places most your customers will start at and end their visit at too! Ensuring your catalogue stand is prominent in an area such as the ones suggested is always a safe bet to boost customer returns, loyalty & sales.

What Materials Do We Have Available?

We have a few different options available to choice from...This includes:
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