These rotating leaflet stands and revolving brochure holders are certainly a great way to display literature, particularly if space is an issue. Our rotating leaflet stands are great for displaying all types of literature, without taking up a large amount valuable space. As you'll see, some of the rotating stands that we have on offer are also on wheels for easier movability. Additionally, these revolving leaflet holder stands can hold the most common DIN formats. If you have any additional queries or need any advice, please contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

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Freestanding Rotating Leaflet Holders

Where are floorstanding rotating leaflet stands used?
Simply put, rotating leaflet stands can be used anywhere you deem suitable. With this said, they’re often found in areas where you have an abundance of varying information to give out: think of GP surgeries, schools, libraries and reception areas. They may also be placed around retail stores, near the entrances and exits and by the checkout areas to garner additional attention from the visitors already in the store.

Why should I opt for a rotating leaflet stand?
The main benefit of rotating leaflet stands is that for the space they take up, you can display a significantly larger amount of information to customers than other freestanding leaflet holders, whilst still offering full access to all of the leaflets at all times. These floor standing holders offer full visibility from 360˚ and guarantee that when filled up, they will showcase leaflets to the customer, regardless of which direction the individual is coming from.

Can I easily transport my freestanding leaflet holder?
If you’re planning on moving around the leaflet stand regularly, you may want to opt for a model with a wheel base. Both the Rotating Leaflet Stand “Outdoor” and Leaflet Stand "Prodo" come with wheels at the base, allowing for the easy transportation of your leaflet stand, wherever you may need it. For a more permanent stand, the Rotating Leaflet Stand “Tec-Art Premium" would be the perfect choice.

How many leaflets can I display at one time?
Within the range of rotating leaflet stands, you can display a varying number of brochures at one time. We have models which can hold between 12 and 32 different leaflets at one time; if you’re after the latter and would like to display the maximum number of leaflets possible, take a look at the Leaflet Stand “Prodo”.

What sizes of leaflets can I display in my leaflet stand?
The vast majority of these floor standing leaflet stands will display A4 portrait leaflets. Alternatively, if you’re looking for display a variety of different leaflets of different sizes (ranging from A4, A5 and 1/3 A4 (DL)), then the Leaflet Frame “Carousel” has the capability to do so.

Do you offer countertop rotating leaflet holders?
Yes, we also stock a selection of countertop versions too. Please take a look at our full range of countertop leaflet stands.
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