Below is our range of shelf mangement items which will allow you to optimise and merchandise your shelves more efficiently. A well presented and fresh look on the display of your products will only aid in increasing sales in your store. Present price labels clearly with our data strips and place the corresponding product above the price label held in our shelf edge strips for a more pleasurable and easy shopping experience for the customers.

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Shelf Management Improvements & the Essential Much Needed Items - We've Got You Covered!

Our range of shelf management elements include these essential products:

Use our wide range of shelf edge data strips, stock pushers and shelf dividers to organise your shelves. Display your products neatly to maximise sales and efficiency within your store. We have a wide range of data strips for almost every shelf, in many size... and they're all cut to size for you! We also supply a wide range of shelf barkers to help draw attention to special offers.

With our range of shelf management products, you can create an attractive display for your customers to shop more easily and for your staff to merchandise quicker.

View our range and order securely online or contact us for advice and our sales team will be more than happy to assist you.


Where does a shelf management system need to be implemented?

The various elements of a shelf management system can be executed in an array of different locations; however, they’re typically implemented in retail stores or similar, selling physical products directly to the customer. You may also find certain elements, like shelf edge strips, useful in a warehouse environment. These different products are used to keep shelves looking organised, full and make the shopping experience for customers easier.



What different shelf management products do you offer?

Whilst we offer a wide range of products useful for a full shelf management system, these are the most popular products that we’d recommend you begin with implementing on your shelf:

Shelf Edge Strips. Scanner profiles are considered a very important aspect of shelf management. These strips are placed at the front of the shelf and then inserted with either Shelf Edge Insert Strips or other inserts to display prices, barcodes and other relevant information to employees and customers. We offer a wide range of scanner profiles, from variants for metal, glass, wooden and wire shelves, to self-adhesive shelf edge strips.

Stock Pushers. An ideal solution for keeping your shelves always looking full, stock pushers essentially push stock to the front of the shelves, providing easier access to your products. Please find more information on stock pushers here!

Shelf Dividers. If the tidiness of your shelf is a top priority, shelf dividers should really be an element considered to be implemented on your shelves. These acrylic dividers are clipped onto shelves, keeping individual products separate from the next; they’re also use in conjunction with stock pushers too, to minimise the chance of stock falling off the track.

Shelf Barkers, Talkers & Wobblers. These printed elements are placed onto the front of your shelf, acting as an additional method of promotion. They can be attached directly onto the shelf, or in the case of wobblers, can then come out in front of the shelf, drawing more attention to the information or special offer printed on to the wobbler.



What are the benefits of effective shelf management?

A good shelf management system is vital, not only for organisational purposes, but it helps massively in creating a great impression to your customers. A tidy and full shelf with easy to understand signage and easily found prices will certainly improve your customers overall shopping experience, as opposed to one without. Different elements can help convey important information to customers and also works as an additional promotional tool too, in the case of shelf talkers and shelf wobblers.



Do I need to implement all of these products on my shelves?

Not all shelf management elements are necessarily essential; it depends largely on upon the environment you’re operating in and the products being sold. Unless you plan on marking each individual product with prices though, shelf edge strips are an essential tool for conveying prices to customers (as well as displaying barcodes and any other relevant information). Pushers and dividers are best utilised with smaller items, typically cigarettes, cosmetics, spices etc. and keep products from falling over, whereas barkers, whilst not essential, are a great in-store method of advertising.



Can I have bespoke shelf edge strips, shelf pushers etc. created for me?

Yes, all of our shelf edge strips are cut to your exact size needed, merchandise pushers are made to your exact specifications (please see our Stock Pusher page to find out more) and custom barkers and shelf risers are also available on request.

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