Considering using shelf illumination for your display systems? Illuminated shelves are a great addition to any display, as they allow for the products on show to be more clearly seen by those passing by; they're also a great solution should the lighting in your premises not be as bright as you'd wish. Additionally, the brighter lights may help to draw additional attention to your products, compared to that of competitors who currently haven't implemented these useful tools.
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With LED shelf lighting you bring light into the dark

Powerful lighting ensures that your products are perfectly presented at the point of sale. In this way you can effectively illuminate shelves, showcases or even a counter or bar area and immerse them in atmospheric LED light.

It doesn't matter whether you want to illuminate shelves made of glass, wood or plastic. The “invisible” systems are quick and easy to install, without any complex assembly. 

This is how you put your products in the right light

The flexible LED solutions from our online shop are practical. At the same time, they are a simple means of stylishly and appropriately illuminating shelves.  These can be adapted to the respective shelf size. An adapter with cable then provides the necessary power supply so that the effective lighting can start immediately.

LED shelf lighting for your point of sale

Decide now for the LED shelf lighting that best suits your requirements and wishes. Look forward to the quality and flexibility of our products! This allows you to put your product range at the point of sale even more in the right light. With their simple shape and different colour variants, the systems offered here fit perfectly into any environment. They become (almost) invisible light sources with warm light colors.
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