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Below is our extensive range of product dividers for your shelves, which are used to further optimise the presentation of your product displays. Organise your product displays with our selection of shelf dividers and binning strips. Our collection of dividers are an easy solution for a perfect managed shelf system. Display your products neatly to maximise both sales and efficiency within your store. Shelf dividers also create an attractive display and allow customers to shop more easily and your staff to merchandise quicker and more efficiently. 

As we are the manufacturer of these product dividers, we can cut these to your desired length to suit your shelf. Many of our shelf dividers also come with break points to allow you to "snap" the dividers yourself to the specific length required.  Browse our complete range and order securely online, or contact us with any questions and our experienced sales team will be happy to help.

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Shelf Dividers For Easy Shelf Management

Where are shelf dividers used?

Shelf dividers are an incredibly useful organisational tool for shelves. Commonly used in the retail sector, from supermarkets to corner stores and garden centres, these dividers help to keep shelves tidy and ensure products are separate from one another. In addition, these shelf dividers also work in conjunction with stock pushers to keep stock from falling out of line with the pusher.

There’s not a shelf divider suitble for the length of my shelf; what do I do?

One of the great things about our shelf dividers is that the vast majority of them come with multiple break points, (which can be viewed in the images). This means that even though the shelf dividers themselves are likely to be longer than the depth of your shelf, you can snap the dividers at any of the break points to shorten them to the length you need. We can also cut these product dividers to your required length.

How do I fit my shelf divider to the shelf?

In order to fix your shelf divider securely to your shelf, most shelf dividers require a strip of “PEK” Profile to be stuck to the front of the shelf. These come with adhesive on the bottom and allow you to clip your dividers into them, keeping them in place at all times. Most shelf dividers only have a clip at the front to fix them; however, the occasional divider also requires a strip of “PEK” Profile - these include the Divider Series "SR" and the Divider Series “MP”. Shelf dividers without clips instead have a self-adhesive bottom to stick onto the shelf, such as the Shelf Divider with Adhesive Bracket.

Do I need a shelf divider with a stopper?

Whether you need a shelf divider with a product stopper is solely dependent upon the shelf management system you already have or are looking to implement. If you already have stock pushers in place that do not have a stopper at the front and your shelf edge front isn’t high enough to prevent these products from falling off the end, then a divider with a stopper, like the Divider Series “MP” with Product Stopper, will certainly be a useful solution. However, if you’re using these shelf dividers alone (without a stock pusher system), then it may not be necessary to purchase dividers with a stopper.

What other products should I use with my shelf dividers?

As previously mentioned, for the vast majority of these acrylic shelf dividers, a “PEK” Profile strip is usually necessary. Additionally, depending upon what products are going to be displayed, you may wish to utilise Stock Pushers alongside your shelf dividers. These will aid in keeping your shelves always looking tidy and full, constantly pushing stock to the front of the shelf.

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