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Use our shelf stoppers & shelf wobblers as a special eye-catcher at the point of sale. The shelf stoppers help to liven up your shelving, draw attention directly to a product and thus highlight it from the crowd. You can also have many shelf wobblers individually printed on. Whether it will be a clip to hold the sign or a pocket that clips onto your shelf edge strip, we have you covered.

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Shelf Edge Promotional Sign Holders From VKF Renzel UK

Shelf barkers also known as shelf talkers, clip onto the front edge of shelf edge data profile or scanner profile. The design possibilities of a shelf stopper in terms of size, design and attachments to the shelf are almost indefinite. The attractive, attention-grabbing items make your customers stay on the shelf at the POS of your items (hence the name shelf stopper). Well known brands, item names or special offers are typical in the design characteristics of the shelf barkers - the customer may already recognise these certain attributes from a distance and so your items are easier to find.

Versions of the Shelf Barkers
Used as a price cover, as a frame shelf stopper or attached to the shelf by a super gripper and shelf stopper clips, everyone has surely already come across these promotional tools in their everyday life. As shelf wobblers, they are attached to easily movable media, such as spring steel or a spiral spring on the shelf to capture the customers gaze through visible movements. All in all, the shelf stoppers enliven your shelving units, help to make it more colourful and eye-catching, whilst als acting as an information sales promotion tool. Your customers shopping experience is made easier and the possibility of them identifying new products (or special products) within your range is increased.

Shelf Barkers From the Manufacturer
In order to develop a shelf stopper, wobbler or barker suitable for your products, please feel free to contact our sales team directly. We can produce almost any shape in any colour for you... you just need to ask!

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