To help draw attention to specific products, brands or campaigns, printed shelf stoppers are essential on a shelving display. Due to the perfect adaptation of shape and design, the POS shelf talkers are ideal for advertising on the shelf. Explore our range of products & feel free to contact us should you have any queries about printing shelf talkers.

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Design shelf advertising according to your product

In our online range you will find the various standard models that we print and design for you. In order to adapt the shelf advertising even more to the product, individual shelf talkers are recommended. There is a large selection of different articles for sales promotion on the shelf.


Shelf advertising in 3D optics

Shelf talkers in 3D optics on the shelf attract maximum attention. It can be advertised on several levels that stand out from the background. This type of adaptation can be implemented in various shapes and sizes. Compared to other shelf wobblers, your advertising stands out due to its special look.
printed shelf talkers
shelf talker with effect
Shelf talker

Shelf Talker with a wobbling effect

Present two or more advertising messages at the POS with our "changing picture shelf talkers". Benefit from an increased attention value. This type of shelf advertising primarily appeals to children and young people. Interest in the second advertising message is built up from afar.

POS Info Shade

Info shades are an ideal way to place additional information about your product at the Point of Sale in a space-saving manner. You can choose between 3 standard sizes. With an advertising space you draw the customer's attention to your product. Additional information can be pulled out over the roller blind. This type of shelf advertising is ideal for placing a large amount of information or advertising.
shelf information roller

Use Shelf Talkers to Increase Shelf Advertising

Shelf talkers and shelf wobblers promote products by being attached directly to the shelf and close to the product. The attention-grabbing promotional displays make your customers linger on the shelf at the point of sale (PoS).

Attached to the shelf in different ways, they grab the attention of everyone. As a hanging rail, price rail, with super grippers or clips, your advertising can be attached quickly and easily. As shelf rockers or shelf wobblers, they are attached to easily movable media such as spring steel or a spiral spring on the shelf. You catch the eye of your customers. Through the conspicuous promotion of offers, brands or new products, the articles have a high sales-promoting effect.

The shelf talkers enable you to conduct effective promotions on the sales shelf. Customers and visitors are already aware of the wobbler from afar. This means that brands or certain items stand out from the crowd on the shelf. New products and variants, special services or events and promotions can be advertised.

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Transmission of the Print Data

Production of Shelf Talkers

Shipping and Delivery

Thanks to the fast production and delivery of your ordered shelf talkers, we enable short-term shelf advertising to be implemented. Spontaneously planned promotions, competitions and events are advertised within a few days with the appealing shelf stoppers. Simply select the product of your choice, send us your print file and we will manufacture your product. If you have any questions about the creation of the print data, our print data sheet will help. Alternatively, we are of course happy to advise you.

Our graphics check the suitability of your print data before printing. In this way we ensure that we manufacture products for you in the best possible quality. On request, there is the option that we create the print data for your shelf stoppers.

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