Clip strips are an ideal solution for increasing impulse purchases. Maximise your sales with these clip strips by placing them in a variety of high footfall places around your store, whether at the end or in the middle of an isle, or directly next to the checkout area... the options are endless. These clip strips can also be used on most retail shelving with the use of hooks. We can also offer printed clip strips (please call for info). 

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Clip Strips For Hanging Smaller Products Around Your Business From VKF Renzel UK

Where are clip strips used?

Clip strips are an important tool used to help increase impulse sales in the retail sector. Whilst they’re often seen in supermarkets, these versatile clip strips are also beneficial within corner stores, garden centres and toy shops to name a few. These strips are typically placed either down aisles, at the end of aisles or near checkout areas, helping to entice people into making a few last-minute purchases.

What products should I display on my clip strips?

Smaller products are often best displayed on clip strips; they tend to take up less space and will be more compatible with a clip strip due to their often lighter weight. As these products displayed on the merchandising strips are usually the centre of attention down the aisle they’re placed, it’s important to ensure that you’re displaying products that are quite simply too tempting for the customer to pass up on. In addition, also consider complimentary items to those on display in the aisle. Smaller items like gum, chocolates and little toys will also be a great choice near a checkout area.

How do I attach the merchandising strip to my shelf?

Some clip strips do come with a self-adhesive backing at the top, allowing you to stick the strip directly to the shelf itself. Others have a loop at the top which can be used in conjunction with a hook; the hook instead attached on the shelf. Take a look at our full range of hooks which can be used with our array of clip strips.

I’m unable to hang my products on the clip strip; what can I do?

We also supply a range of accessories with a Eurohole which can be stuck to your products, allowing them to be hung up on the clip strips (as well as any other hooks). Both the Hook Accessory “Stock Aid” and the Adhesive Hook with Eurohole are a perfect solution if this is currently an issue. With this said, we also offer Clip Strips with Hanging Clamps, providing you with the option to clip your products on to the clip stip.

How many products can I display at once on my retail clip strips?

The number of products you can display on one merchandising strip will vary from strip to strip. The Clip Strip Transparent with Header is a great option as you can opt between 12, 15 and 24 hanging hooks. Alternatively, if you have fewer items to display, consider the White Clip Strip with Header.

What materials do these merchandising strips come in?

In our extensive range, we offer a selection of both metal clip strips, as well as white and transparent merchandising strips manufactured from polypropylene or polystyrene, with varying numbers of hanging hooks and in a wide range of lengths.

Do you offer custom clip strips?

Yes, we can offer bespoke/printed clip strips. Please contact us directly to discuss this further with our friendly sales team.

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