Shelf edge strips are a widley used POS product in the UK retail market. Scanner profiles display the prices to the customer and overall, gives the shelves a professional looking finish. Just simply select the correct profile for your type of shelving and select the required length needed and we will do the rest. Present your price labels clearly with our shelf edge strips and place the corresponding product above it for a more pleasurable and easy shopping experience for the customers.

Shelf Edge Profiles, SEL label holders and shelf edge strips are used for pricing and labelling shelves. We have shelf strips for metal shelves, plastic shelves, wooden shelves and glass shelves, and they can be used on temporary cardboard POS or FSDUs. In our accessories range, you will also find the Coloured Insert Strips for your shelf edge ticket strip. If you have any questions on these products, then please call our experienced sales team and we will be happy to assist you.

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Shelf Edge Strips From VKF Renzel UK - The No.1 Leading UK Supplier

What shelves can shelf edge strips be used on?
We offer a wide range of shelf edge strips that can be used on various shelves. For many shelves, there are specific models of scanner profile, or shelf edge strips that will need to be used, clicking into place on installation. We stock:

We also supply a large selection of Scanner Profile Accessories to use alongside your shelf strips. Alternatively, we also stock self-adhesive scanner strips, our most popular being the "DBR" Shelf Edge Strip. These strips are fixed with your required tape and will stick to various surfaces.

I’m not sure which scanner profile will be the most suitable for my shelf; can you help?

With such an expansive range of scanner profiles, we have something that is suitable for pretty much every shelf type. That being said, it may be difficult in trying to locate the exact shelf strip you need. If you’re having trouble finding the right data strip for your shelf, please send us a photo of your shelf, and if you have a strip to hand, a photo of that too. This will then help us in identifying the right type of data strip for you.

Where are shelf edge strips used?

Typically, ticket strips are used within retail stores to aid in showing prices of products placed on the shelves. They’re a necessity for supermarkets, but are also incredibly important to various other stores, ranging from toy shops to pharmacies to corner shops.

Can I have the ticket strips cut to size?

Yes, we cut all of our shelf edge strips to your desired length. The length needed can be specified when ordering online, or alternatively, please contact us directly for a quote.

What heights of shelf edge strips do you offer?

The data strip heights on offer will vary from strip to strip. For example, our most popular scanner profile, “DBR” Shelf Edge Strip, is available in heights ranging from 15mm to 73mm. Please note, the height refers to the insert going inside the strip. To see what sizes are available for your exact scanner profile, please take a further look at that individual product page, where all heights will be listed.

Do you stock the inserts to go inside of the profile?

Yes, we also stock a selection of Shelf Edge Insert Strips, or infill strips in many different colours to place inside of your scanner profile. Pricing Labels of varying sizes are also available to aid in displaying individual prices and information about products.

Do you offer different colours of scanner profile?

Most of our scanner profiles come in white or transparent; the front of the strip is always transparent, with the colour referring to the one visible on the back of the strip. Shelf Edge Insert Strips can also be used if you’d prefer to have an alternative coloured displayed inside the strip. These comes in a plethora of colours ranging from black to red to yellow and can be cut to size by yourself and inserted into the strip when needed. For more information regarding bespoke shelf edge strips, please contact us directly to discuss further.

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