Below you'll find our range of ticket holders for displaying your price tickets around your store, for wire shelves and wire baskets. We have a wide selection of shelf edge strips available here at VKF Renzel. As with all of our shelf edge strips, these scanner profiles for your wire shelving or wire baskets can you be cut to size. 

View our range and order securely online or contact one of our members from the sales team and we will be more than happy to help you.

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Shelf Edge Strips For Wire Shelves & Baskets Order Now From VKF Renzel UK - The UK POS Experts Since 1995.

I’m not sure which scanner profile would be best suited for my wire shelves; can you help?
With the expansive range of shelf edge strips we have available, you might be unsure at to which one will be best suited for your specific shelving. If you’re unable to find the strips necessary for your wire shelves, contact us directly and we’ll help you find a suitable solution. Simply send a photo of your shelving to us at to help us in identifying the shelf edge strips that’ll work perfectly with your shelves.

How do I attach the scanner profile to my shelves?
Most of the the scanner profile for wire shelving that we have available will simply clip onto the shelf; this alone will be sufficient enough in keeping the profile in place. For example, the “DRA” Shelf Edge Strip simply clips over the front section of wire, whereas the Scanner Profile "CC 39" will clip over the entire front segment of the shelf. Alternatively, the Scanner Profile "DBH" can be attached with fixings. These particular shelf edge strips come with holes at the top, allowing you to loop fixings through and securely attach them to your shelf.

Can my wire shelf edge strips be cut to size?
Yes, most of our shelf edge strips are cut to your exact required size. Simply enter your specific size needed on the order page, or alternatively, contact us directly for a quote.

What heights do these shelf edge strips come in?
The great thing about our plethora of wire shelf edge strips is that they come in such a varying range of sizes. 39mm is the most common height of these strips, however other sizes including 26mm, 30mm and 52mm are also available too. Remember, the height mentioned refers to the height of your insert and not the actual height of the strip.

I don’t have a wire shelf, do you offer scanner profile for other shelving types?
Yes, we also offer a wide selection of shelf edge strips for Metal Shelves, Glass & Wooden Shelves, as well as Self Adhesive Shelf Edge Strips too!
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