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Here you'll find our full range of self adhesive data strips. Mostly used on the shop floor, these ticket strips can also be utilised in the warehouse. All of our range is available in your selected length required, so that will fit directly onto your shelves ready to display your pricing tickets clearly. Scanner profiles fitted with adhesive tape are to be placed on the front of the shelf, enabling you to place coloured insert strips and price labels which can then be displayed to the customers. 

If you have any questions on these self adhesive data strips, then please call our experienced sales team and we will be more than happy to help you find the best data strips for your shelves.

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Self Adhesive Shelf Edge Strips To Display Your Price Labels Clearly

Data Strips, Shelf Edge Profiles and Ticket Rails are used for pricing and labelling shelves.

Where can I use shelf edge strips?

Shelf edge strips, or scanner profiles can be used just about anywhere, however they’re more commonly found in retail stores to aid in displaying prices, barcodes and other relevant information for products on the shelves; think supermarkets, garden centres, DIY stores and toy shops for example. Shelf edge strips can also be an extremely useful tool within warehouses, helping to display product codes and allowing for products to be more easily located.

What type of shelving can I stick self adhesive strips to?

When it comes to our self adhesive scanner profiles, we recommend that they are used in conjunction with metal shelving. Depending upon the height of your shelf, we also stock a range of self adhesive strips suitable for a variety of shelf heights, so you’re sure to find the perfect solution here.

What type of adhesive is on the back of these shelf edge strips?

The type of adhesive you’ll find on the back of your adhesive data strips will vary from profile to profile. If you’d rather opt for a hinged profile, the “WLK” Shelf Edge Strip will come with a standard adhesive on the back, whereas our most popular strip, the "DBR" Shelf Edge Strip provides you with the option of selecting from either standard adhesive, textile adhesive or foam adhesive.

How can I display prices in my adhesive strips?

There are various options when it comes to pricing displays within your scanner profile. Shelf Edge Insert Strips are a popular option and come in various colours and heights to suit your exact needs; these can also be cut by yourself down to your required size. Alternatively, Price Labels are also a fantastic solution for displaying the information of single products. To place your strips or labels within the shelf edge strips, simply pull the front section of the scanner profile forward to easily insert and remove the tickets. Please note, that insert strips and price labels are not included with shelf edge strips, these must be ordered separately.

Do you have any shelf edge strips for other shelving types?

Yes, we also stock shelf edge strips suitable for use with metal shelving, glass and wooden shelving and wire shelving, so regardless of your shelves, we’re sure to have a scanner profile that will be compatible.

Can I have my self adhesive scanner profile cut to size?

Yes, all of our shelf edge strips are cut to your exact size - this can be specified when ordering individual products. For bespoke or bulk orders, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this further.

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