In this category you'll find our range of stock pushers. These are often used on shelving to reduce time spent facing up products on the shelves. Available in various lengths and pusher strengths, these stock pushers are capable of moving a lightweight packet to a can of pop.

If you have any queries about our selection of stock pushers, please contact our friendly sales team who will be more than happy to help!

Pusher System "Push VI"

for large and medium sized products


Pusher System "Push VII"

for small products


Stock Pusher System "Tobacco"

ideal for cigarette & tobacco packets


TwinPusher System

optimal goods feed for round products


Kwickload Pusher System

optimised system for refrigeration and deep-freezing even without shelves


Bottle Pusher "Adjustable Tray"

for small and large bottles side by side


Bottle Pusher "EcoTrac"

for 500ml or 1 litre bottles


Divider Profiles

for front attachment of the stock pushers

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Stock Pusher Systems from VKF Renzel UK

What information do I need to know before I purchase my stock pushers?
Each stock pusher is manufactured to your exact requirements, so it’s crucial that you take into consideration a few important factors before placing your order:
  • The depth of your shelf - varying lengths of our product pushers are available, therefore it’s important to know the depth of your shelf to you ensure the track you select is not too long.
  • Fixing to your shelf - do you need an adhesive profile to stick to the front of your shelving, in which each individual product pusher can be attached? Or do you perhaps need adhesive tape stuck to the base of each pusher?
  • Product stoppers - Unless you have a suitable shelving system in place that will prevent stock from falling off the end of your shelving, you may want to consider how you’ll stop this from occurring. We stock, Shelf Risers, as well as pushers with product stoppers for this exact purpose.
  • Strength of the spring needed - depending upon the particular product used, you’ll need a different type of spring strength to be able to efficiently push the item forward. Find out more about spring strengths below!
  • Narrow or wide stock pushers - typically smaller products will need a narrower product pusher, such as spices or cosmetics, however larger products, including shampoos and conditioners, may need a wider alternative, such as the Twin Pusher.

What benefits do merchandise pushers bring?
Within a store, organised shelving should always be a top priority; not only does this help customers to more easily find the products they’re after, but it creates a better impression of your business to them too. With the use of these product pushers, you can not only boost your organisation and tidiness, but at the same time they’ll ensure that your shelves always look full and will reduce the workload for employees too, as stock does not consistently need to be brought forward.

How do I fix my product pushers to my shelf?
Stock pushers are generally fixed to the shelf in one of two ways. The most common of these methods is certainly the Divider Profile “PEK”. This thin adhesive profile is stuck to the front of your shelving and the pushers simply click into place. Alternatively, stock pushers can also come with tape at the bottom, allowing you to individually stick the pushers directly onto your shelves.

Do I need to have a product stopper at the front of my pusher?
Stoppers are an important part of your shelf management system, particularly when implementing merchandise pushers. These clear acrylic panels are found at the front of the pusher, preventing items from falling off the end of your display, due to the pressure placed on them from the pusher. Many of our stoppers, including the Stock Pusher “Push VI” do come with the option of having a pusher at the front, in varying heights. On the other hand, you may already have some sort of ridge on your shelving, or shelf risers implemented, which in turn will aid in preventing stock from falling off.

What stock pusher strength do I need?
When implementing stock pushers, it’s vital that you pick the right spring strength to efficiently bring your products forward; too low of a spring strength and your products simply won’t move, whereas too high of a spring strength and your products will fly off the end of the shelf. To help you a little further, we’ve also put together a little list of the type of products you’d typically find being used with each particular Newton strength:
  • 2N - 4N - cosmetics, spices, tablet packets, cigarettes and vapes
  • 6N - processed meats and boxed underwear
  • 10N - 14N - shampoo, conditioner and deodorants

Do I need a single or twin pusher?
Take a look at your items; single pushers are generally used for smaller and thinner products, whereas you may want to consider a Twin Pusher for use with larger and wider products, specifically those items with a curve to them, such as shampoos or conditioners.

What other products work in conjunction with my stock pushers?
Alongside the “PEK” Profile which we’d recommend if you’re not opting for tape at the base of each individual pusher, we’d also recommend taking a look at our selection of Shelf Dividers. These product dividers ensure that each product remains stably on its pusher track, keeping shelves more organised and continuously tidy. In addition, we also stock an expansive range of other shelf management products that will aid you in creating a fully optimised and efficient shelving system.

If you need a little more advice or have a query regarding our stock pushers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly sales team who will be more than happy to help you find the best solution.
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