Bottle Pusher System "EcoTrac"

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Product highlights

  • highly visible product range
  • bottles are always in the first row
  • easy removal for customers
  • suitable for beverages in single packs
  • for 500 ml or 1 l bottles
  • particularly durable and efficient
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Bottle Pusher System “EcoTrac”

The Bottle Pusher System “EcoTrac” is used to push beverage containers to the front of there shelving display. With a clever compact design, Bottles can be fed through the unit easily and reliably.  The immediate benefit from using our Bottle Pusher System is that it will dramatically improve shelf presentation. Forget bundles of with missing bottles and tedious shelf maintenance. The “EcoTrac” feed system saves a considerable amount of work when it comes to maintaining the shelf arrangement of your shelf display.


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Product Description

Present drinks perfectly

Drinks Bottles or cans will be continuously pushed forward by its spring-loaded slider and will stop at the front with the unbreakable, transparent front stopper. This will result in you having a well-organised display and clearly visible product range for your customers at all times. A narrow insert with your desired imprint can be inserted in the foot area of the front stopper (not included in the price). Choose the right variant for you between the sizes for 500 ml or 1 litre containers.

Cans with a capacity of 330 ml can also fit into the 500 ml version. You will receive 10 pushers in a set (composition of the set: 1x 5 module + 1x 3 module + 2x 1 module). The 1 litre pusher also fits 1.25 litre bottles. Here you get 7 pushers in the set (composition of the set: 1x 4-module + 3x 1-module).

Where do I use the "EcoTrac"?

The "EcoTrac" can be used on straight shelves and wire shelves. A mounting rail is required for attachment and alignment. This rail is fixed to the wire by clips and that is attached to the shelf with adhesive strips.

The "EcoTrac" is ideal for use in cooling areas, such as refrigerator units. This will leave your customer with a complete selection of your products. They can then easily pull refreshments from the shelf. Simple, easy and quick!

Perfect for:

Fruit juice bottles
Water bottles
Soft drinks
Sports drinks
Beer bottles
Energy drinks
Coffee bottles
By incorporating predetermined breaking points, the "EcoTrac" can be used for shelves at different depths. These range from 400 - 723 mm.

The different modules can be firmly connected to each other to ensure stable shelving. The plug connections can also be loosened again without any problems, so that flexible use is guaranteed.

With the "EcoTrac" you are investing in a high-quality product. We grant all our customers a 4-year guarantee. This guarantees long-term use, which protects the environment.

The pusher system is largely produced from recycled material, which saves on the costs of raw materials. We would be happy to plan your project together with you. Please feel free to get in contact with us!



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Variants Version Item number Item No. Price
for 250 ml bottles for 250 ml bottles 22.0425.1 £ 74.32 view Article »
for 500 ml bottles for 500 ml bottles 22.0420.1 £ 54.90 view Article »
for 1 L bottles for 1 L bottles 22.0421.1 £ 52.79 view Article »
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