Shelf Divider "ROS" range, Height 25 mm, without stopper

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  • For use in refrigerated counters
  • Individual customisation through predetermined breaking points
  • Improved customer orientation and clarity on the shelf
  • Made of crystal-clear polystyrene
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The Shelf Divider from the "ROS" Range is ideal for optimising the presentation of products in refrigerated shelves and refrigerated counters. With a height of just 25 mm, it does not form a cold bridge and allows cool temperatures to circulate freely. Thanks to its four predetermined breaking points, the divider can be individually adapted to different shelf depths. It also keeps the shelves organised, improving customer orientation and clarity. Made of crystal-clear polystyrene, you always have a clear view of the entire range. With its height of 25 mm, it ensures a clear and organised presentation of goods without obscuring the view of the product.

Experience a new dimension in product presentation with the "ROS" Shelf Divider Series, height 25 mm. Optimise your product presentation and increase customer satisfaction.


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