Slip Brake, 55 mm wide

Item number: 22.0147.3
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  • Slip brake as an ideal supplement for Perfekta shelf divider system
  • Prevents goods from slipping
  • Length of 515 mm, can be shortened to desired length
  • Width of 55 mm, suitable for retail and wholesale trade
  • Transparent and unobtrusive
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The anti-slip brake is the perfect addition to the Perfekta shelf divider system. With impressive features, it prevents your goods from slipping. The anti-slip brake is 515 mm long and can be easily shortened to the desired length as it has 7 practical predetermined breaking points. With a width of 55 mm, it is ideal for retail and wholesale.

Transparent and unobtrusive, the slip brake fits seamlessly into your shelving system. It is compatible with the Perfekta shelf divider system and can be used for various items. Thanks to its special texture, it ensures that your goods do not slip and always stay in place.

With the slip brake, you can be sure that your products are neatly presented. You save time and effort as it is no longer necessary to rearrange your goods. Opt for the slip brake and ensure a professional presentation of your items.


22-0147-2 Slip Break, Pull Strip and Rear Support


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