Moulded Transportation Case

Item number: 80.1260.23
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  • Display case suitable for moving display products
  • Two wheels embedded in base for transportation
  • Use metal clasp on lid for secure transportation
  • Lots of space for transporting displays/products inside
  • Can double up as a counter display
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Heavy duty case for moving displays, usually these are paired with pop up displays and graphics. These Moulded Bases have 2 wheels for easy movement, regardless of weight it may be transporting. Comes with carrying handles located on the top and main body of the case. Top lid can be fully removed thanks to its clip system. This makes it easier to store items inside the main body of the moulded case. Top Lid has a compartment that can be used to store LED floodlights. Moulded case can double up as a countertop display.


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